Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S10 E10

3 Mar


On last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” the writers wrote another stupid script for our Ninja Warrior, Carol. Stop messing with Carol! We also got to see Negan and Alpha kiss. My eyes can not undo what they saw last week. On tonight’s episode, Beta has a secret entrance and it brings some frightful moments.


Now we know for sure that Dante was always working with the Whisperers to bring down the people of Alexandria and Hilltop. We know this for a fact after seeing Beta use an RV to enter a cave that leads straight to Alexandria. Gamma has to prove that she is telling the truth to Gabe. Meanwhile, Daryl has stumbled on to a herd of walkers led by Alpha. There is a fight, and both Daryl and Alpha are seriously injured. Although Alpha isn’t strong enough to risk another fight with Daryl, she makes enough noise to attract two walking sacks of bones. Is anyone else wondering just where the hell is Daryl’s dog?

960x0 (1)

Gabe trusts Gamma after she tells him that she came to see her baby nephew, but it isn’t until she confides to Gabe and the others that Alpha is so good at messing with people’s minds that Gamma killed her sister to please Alpha. Rosita and the others are not as convinced. It seems that Gabe has taken the saying “An eye for an eye” to heart. He wants to capture and torture any Whisperers they come across. I love how Judith uses that little prison window to get people to talk. She worked miracles with Negan, and it seems that Judith has also used her magic touch to get Gamma aka Mary to talk about her past life.

How does a mother survive the apocalypse when she has an infant to care for? Alpha’s solution is to leave the infants to the walkers, maybe it’s because Alpha thinks like an animal, whereas Rosita is having nightmares that her baby will be left alone if she dies. It must be hell to know that you can’t protect your baby against walkers, or worse case scenario, politicians who make a profit from the human trafficking of refugee children. Sorry…I need to rant about this horrific situation. Life is not easy for women or children be it a zombie apocalypse or a crazed and hateful leader.


Like a scene from an old horror film, Beta climbs out of a grave and into Alexandria where he starts killing people. Gabe figures out that it’s a trap and heads back to the camp. Wait, they named a street ‘Morgan Street’? How cool is that? I am so happy that Gamma stood up to Beta, especially since he is so loyal to Alpha.


I love how Judith handles a gun…but I would suggest for future run-ins with the Whisperers that she always go with a head shot because Beta had a vest on. Gamma gives herself up as prisoner to save Rosita, but then she is rescued by Gabe.


I was so afraid that Daryl was going to die on this episode, and I am telling you now…if anything happens to him or Carol, I am done with the show. Luckily for Daryl and us, Lydia was following him. Alpha wanted her daughter to kill her because she was also badly injured, but Lydia refused. There is a difference between animals and humans…and Lydia has chosen to be human. Unfortunately, Alpha also survives, and if you thought Alpha was bat-shit-crazy before…wait until the next episode.


You know, we don’t need a Zombie series to show us how easily it is for one half of civilization to turn on the other half. We are doing it now. There is a dangerous virus out there and instead of getting our best scientific minds to make a workable plan to survive…we are fighting among ourselves on Twitter.

I am going to spell it out for you. Don’t depend on governments to protect you. You are on your own, baby. Prepare for all disasters by stocking up on supplies, and medications. You need to do your best to stay alive…

But…promise me this one thing, that when the real apocalypse hits us…and it will…promise me that you won’t turn on each other. We are all we have.

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