Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S10 E09

24 Feb


Welcome back my little walker snacks. A lot has happened in the real world since we last left Team Carol in a fine mess. Traitors are protected, criminals are pardoned, the poor get poorer, and babies are still kept in cages…but at least we’re not dealing with the zombie virus…oh wait a minute…we might be with this coronavirus. This week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” reminds us that sometimes life imitates art, and that can be more frightening than what our favorite walker fighters are dealing with.


I don’t like caves because of my claustrophobia and I can just imagine Carol’s frustration with being stuck in a cave because the writers of the series felt it necessary to make Carol act stupid all of a sudden…so when she lets out that primal scream on seeing Alpha…I was right there with her.

Team Carol climb to higher ground to keep out of reach of the cave walkers. Daryl is convinced there is a way out. One by one Team Carol hop skip over rocks and walkers to get to safety. I will probably repeat this throughout the recap…but who’s idea was it to have Carol go from Ninja Warrior to confused bunny…and why is Magna getting down on Carol?


No one told her to follow Carol. None of them should have followed Carol. Daryl is really pissed at Carol. He wants her to talk to him before she does anything crazy. Carol wants Alpha to beg for mercy before she kills her, but Daryl reminds her that revenge is a double-sided sword that can cut both ways.


Negan may be Alpha’s prisoner, but he is watching and hearing everything, which we know he will put to good use to help himself. Alpha tells Gamma to see how Team Carol knew where to find the cave walkers. Negan tells Alpha that the spy that she is looking for is right there in the camp. Negan rats out Gamma. She doesn’t take his advice kindly and pushes him into the latrine ditch.

The Cave

Thanks to a scuffle with Whisperers…the Team find a road sign to the surface, but the cave is getting smaller and Carol’s claustrophobia is getting worse. Daryl talks her into climbing out of the hole. Walkers are on their tails and Jerry is almost a cave walker snack. The cave leads to a mine shaft and an entrance that is blocked by a rocks. How convenient to find that case of dynamite but will it help them. Magna can’t wait to get back home and fix things between her and Yumiko.


Negan is not good with long silences, but he is surprised when Alpha tells him to take off his clothes. Whoa!!! Alpha is naked too, and she is going to reward him for his information. Negan wants to know if Alpha is going to pull a Praying Mantis on him, but before Alpha kisses him…she tells him to stop talking. I didn’t see this coming.


There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Our team finds a way out but a few of Alpha’s people are out there waiting. Magna and Connie are trapped in the mine after the explosion thanks to Carol. Daryl is so angry with her, that he heads out alone to find a way to rescue his trapped friends.

I don’t like how the writers are making Carol into this Calamity Jane character. This is not the Carol we know and love. The only thing that comes to mind, especially since Carol’s use of the dynamite may have cost the lives of Magna and Connie, is that the writers are planning on killing Carol….and that my friends would mean the end of watching this series for me. On the bright side, Gamma may be the Ace in the deck for the people of Alexandria and Hilltop

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