Gilbert Speaks on The USA Singers

31 Jan


I meet the nicest people on Twitter. Most of the people that I have friended are fellow Freedom Fighters like myself. We want America to represent all people and not just the powerful corporations. I use my blogs and lots of memes to protest, but the USA Singers use their music and their wit to get the message home. How do you take down a tyrant? Check it out…

The USA Singers

On their website, we learn that The USA Singers are a group of virtuoso performers who call themselves the first band of The Resistance. Their music is hilarious and thought-provoking. Their debut album has over a dozen songs, but you can watch a few of their music videos on YouTube.



Their record is a concept album that is meant to be heard from beginning to end. Part of the concept is that each song is written in a different style of American music from rock to country to jazz…16 songs…16 styles. They use satire and Trump’s own words to mock his policies, and trademarks.



The songs are a reminder to someone like me, who protested the Vietnam War, marched for Civil Rights, and Women’s Liberation, that sometimes the only way to knock down a border wall is with unity, good music and visual effects.

You can find The USA Singers on Facebook, Instagram, The Record, The Gear, Spotify, Itunes, and  YouTube



If you’re not happy with this administration, then make your VOTE Count!



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