Gilbert Speaks on Perfect: A Short Film With Director Jeremiah Kipp

9 Jan

Perfect 1

Jeremiah Kipp is an amazing Independent Director, producer, and writer. I have posted many blogs over the years on his work: here, here, and here, but his latest project is one of the best shorts yet. Every little girl imagines what their Prince Charming will look like, but we don’t often find that ‘perfect man’ because let’s face it…there is no such thing as perfect in the real world. In the short, Perfect, a Beautiful Lady Production, Audrey (Ashley Tyler) takes matters into her own hands.

Interview with Jeremiah Kipp

Gilbert: Jeremiah, I loved this latest short. To me, it was a clever version of the classic Dr. Frankenstein vs the Fairy Princess syndrome. What inspired you to do this particular short?


Jeremiah Kipp: Whatever it takes, Audrey was bound and determined to make her fantasy into a reality.  I loved how unrepentant she was in her mad designs.  It felt great to flip the script on Frankenstein, with a female creator struggling through New York’s pitiless dating scene.  The script was morbid, but also beautiful…

Gilbert: Have you worked with Ashley Tyler before?

Jeremiah Kipp: She has a role in my second feature, the brutal vampire movie THERESA & ALLISON written and produced by Charles D. Lincoln.  Ashley is not afraid of dark material and developed this script as a way to share her taste for complicated, unsettling material.  She’s so good to work with, smart and talented and fearless.

Perfect 2

Gilbert: How long does it usually take you to go from creating the story to the final production?

Jeremiah Kipp: In this case, Ashley sent me the script and once we decided to work together we shot four weeks later.  Post took longer because our brilliant editor Katie Dillon Wedge had a child and of course that slowed us down a bit, but once Katie was able to start again had a picture lock in about a month.  Add another month or two for music, sound and color correction and voila, you have a movie.  It takes many collaborators to make it happen…

Perfect 4

Gilbert: When will the short be shown to the public?

Jeremiah Kipp: We’ve just started our festival run, targeting horror fests in particular.

Gilbert: What are you working on next?

Perfect 3

Jeremiah Kipp: We are in post-production on the feature length version of SLAPFACE.  Our proof-of-concept short for this rural monster movie did well at festivals, and our amazing producers guided this larger project to life. Our wonderful cast includes August Maturo from THE NUN, Mike C. Manning from SON OF THE SOUTH, Libe Barer from SNEAKY PETE, Dan Hedaya from BLOOD SIMPLE and Lukas Hassel reprising his role as the creature.  We were blessed with an extraordinary cast and crew, and look forward to sharing the finished movie with audiences in 2020.

Gilbert: Thank you, Jeremiah for taking the time to share information about “Perfect” with me and my followers. Please let me know when the feature length version of SLAPFACE is out.  And to the followers of my blog, Perfect is creepy cool. You will love it!

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