Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S10 E08

25 Nov


There is a traitor among Team Michonne. On this episode of The Walking Dead, we learn about Dante’s past before he befriended, then murdered Siddiq. There is tension at Oceanside, and a high-stakes mission at Alexandria. What can possibly go wrong on the mid-season finale?

The World Before

Well, well, well! Dante is a spy for Alpha, and now he’s gone and killed the only person who realized this. Does this give Dante free reign to continue poisoning the good people of Alexandria? Rosita arrives before Dante can plunge the knife into Siddiq’s skull. Dante was about to kill Rosita and the baby, but a walker Siddig heading towards little Coco gave Rosita the strength to save her baby, disable Siddig, and beat the living hell out of Dante.


Dante shows no sorrow as he is grilled by Rosita, Daryl, Carol, and Gabe. Everyone is upset that Dante was able to fool them all. Are there other spies?


Gamma (Mary) wants to see her nephew. He is the only relative that she has left. Aaron makes a deal. Gamma wants to see the baby, but she better supply some important information about Alpha’s herd. Daryl is really upset with Carol for losing Lydia.

Michonne, and Judith are on their way to Oceanside when they see signs of Whisperers. Luke gives Judith lessons on music and convinces her to keep a journal. Inside the library, Luke is attacked, while searching for sheets of music, but thankfully a stranger saves him. Michonne now considers all strangers as possible undercover Whisperers after learning about Siddiq’s death. Michonne warns Oceanside that Alpha has many spies…trust no one…which is a great segway for Virgil (Library man) to be caught and almost cut down.

helmet walkers

Father Gabe holds a funeral and it gives Ezekiel and chance to speak to Carol, but he doesn’t tell her that he is dying. Nothing survives the apocalypse except treason…and Alpha is making sure that she continues the psychological barrage against her enemies. Alpha is even putting helmets on the walkers to make it harder to kill them. Eugene comes to Rosita’s aid… which opens a discussion: Will Eugene step up as a father figure now that Coco is sans daddy? It looks like Eugene and Father Gabe are in competition for the “Best Stepdad” award.

Later, Rosita talks to Gabe about her worrying about Coco if she is ever killed, but Gabe is more worried about the survival of his whole flock. Was Dante right when he said that Team Michonne is not as strong as they think? Is this part of Alpha’s mind games? All I know is that Alpha’s people are so beaten down, that when they do receive any recognition or praise from this female version of the Governor…they will do all in their power to please her. Maybe Michonne needs to up the ante on her team’s loyalty.


While a herd separates Michonne from Judith, Father Gabe dispenses spiritual justice to the man who killed Siddiq. I don’t know about you, but it is time that Gabe began to use the might of GOD to kick some Whisperer butt. I can’t overstate how freaking awesome Judith is. This little girl will be the one constant in a series that takes enjoyment from killing off beloved characters.

Virgil (Kevin Carroll) is captured my Judith and that gives him a chance to tell Michonne that he lives on a nearby Naval Base. Michonne tells Judith that she needs to go with Virgil and bring back weapons. Is Michonne planning on returning with a submarine?

Whatever Gamma reveals to Aaron, it sends Daryl, Carol, Jerry, Connie, Magna Connie and others in search of Alpha’s herd. This is the chance that Daryl needs to tell Carol that he wants her to talk to him; to trust him; to remember that they have a future together. I guess Carol didn’t understand the chat because she runs off after Alpha and gets her whole team surrounded by Alpha’s hidden herd with no way out.


Time to rant!!! I have noticed a trend not only on “Fear the Walking Dead” but also on “The Walking Dead” where the people writing these scripts have our heroes behaving as though they just had a full lobotomy. STOP IT!

Carol is a natural born Ninja. She plans, she manipulates, she bakes cookies before telling you to smell the fucking flowers. Having Carol run after Alpha was stupid. Having the entire team running after Carol was downright “Abbott and Costello” routine. There is no way that Carol would stumble into such an expected trap. But there they are. Our only remaining hope is that Lydia is around to save these dumb asses.

On a personal note, my hubby starts chemo today for his Mantle Cell Lymphoma, which explains why my post is late today. We are in the beginning of a real apocalypse brought on by people who don’t believe in a disastrous climate change. These same bad guys are also removing all protections of our food, water, and air in order to help the filthy rich corporations get even richer at our expense. Cancer is, in my opinion, a zombie apocalypse. We must fight this disease in the same manner that we would fight a walker. We must take on our leaders to make sure they are doing all in their power to protect the people who pay their salaries aka American Taxpayers…Our Politicians must be loyal to the people… and not to Monsanto, not to the Koch Empire, and definitely not to the Oil or Pharmaceutical Cartels.


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