Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead”S10 E07

19 Nov


On this episode of The Walking Dead, our cookie baking, flower smelling Ninja priestess is pushing the boundaries, and dragging Daryl along for the ride. This is definitely Carol’s year to kick Alpha’s butt, but she better keep her eyes wide open because the Whisperers have a new batter on the team…and there might be a traitor at Alexandria

Open Your Eyes

All I kept hearing while watching this episode was The Who’s “Who Are You?” Everyone wears a mask and we never really know who is friend or foe. The one thing that we do know is that something is making everyone sick at Alexandria. Siddiq is looking over the patient charts trying to figure out the common denominator. But Siddiq is fighting his own demons. PTSD is nothing to laugh about. The nightmares are real. They are not happening in past memories. They are happening in real time. Just as a war veteran how real these memories are.

When the Whisperer who was captured later dies in his cell, Dante tells Siddiq that he used the medicine that was in the bag. The herb is hemlock, which is very toxic, but Dante swears he doesn’t know how it got there. The fact that the man is dead, is a death warrant for Alexandria once Alpha learns about it. How did Siddiq mess up with that herb?

Siddiq is a good father, and he does realize that Eugene, with all his faults, was actually taking good care of Rosita’s and Siddiq’s child. Siddiq is so overwhelmed with his nightmares and the death of a patient he’d grown close to, that he tries to drown himself. Luckily Rosita comes to the rescue. Siddiq thinks he’s guessed the common denominator for the sickness. Is it the water? This is when I am screaming at my TV….yes, it’s the water.


I can’t tell you how much I admire Carol played fabulously by Melissa McBride. Carol will do all in her power to protect the ones she loves. I think she fights so hard because of losing her daughter, then Henry. Carol has captured one of the Whisperers, but first she tries to interrogate him with kindness. I guess she was out of cookie mix, but although the Whisperer starts to cry while eating his strawberry jam, he refuses to talk because he believes that he has to be as strong as Alpha who has been lying about killing Lydia.


When the man spits out the jam, Carol beats the living shit out of him…but Gabe and Daryl prevent her from killing the man.

Lydia is now living with Carol and Daryl, but that poor kid feels so unloved, my heart goes out to her. Lydia tries to explain to Carol why the Whisperers are so afraid of Alpha. Carol tells Lydia that she has to choose a side. Lydia believes that the Whisperers would turn on Alpha if they saw what life in Alexandria is really like.


Aaron is convinced that his little meet ups with Gamma will bring about peace between the two communities. Gamma is surprised to learn that Aaron has a child and that there are many children living in Alexandria. She never asks about her nephew. Gamma also lies about having a sister. Aaron is no dummy. He knows that Gamma is pumping him for information. Gamma also believes that Lydia is dead by Alpha’s hand.


The title for this episode was right on point. Open your eyes was meant for Carol, Lydia, Gamma and Siddiq. I am not sure if Carol knew that Aaron was meeting with Gamma, but she made sure that Gamma (Thora Birch) saw that Lydia was alive. Carol should have kept her eyes open and saw just how important Lydia was to the survival of Alexandria. Lydia lost all faith in ever being accepted at Alexandria, and she runs away. I don’t think Daryl is going to be happy with Carol’s actions.


Gamma is shocked to see that Lydia is alive, and that Alpha lied. Alpha was always a sociopath if you ask me, and people like Alpha are very good at manipulating people, but the truth is the truth. Gamma now knows that Lydia is alive.

Dante (Juan Javier Cardenas) was a Whisperer in sheep’s clothing…but Siddiq (Avi Nash) did not put the dots together in time, and now he is dead. I hate when people we begin to like, die on this show. We have lost way too many people already, but with Siddiq dead, will someone else figure out the sickness is coming from the polluted water?


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