Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S10 E03

21 Oct


On last week’s episode of The Walking Dead, Carol and Alpha stared each other down, but tonight we have a face to face. Carol is dealing with loses and she wants revenge.


Gamma brings a message from Alpha to Alexandria…but what are the pills that Carol is popping? Walkers are coming in wave after wave. Is it because of Alpha? All we know is that Team Michonne has been fighting the walkers for close to 49 hours. It’s no wonder that Judith asked if it was safe to go to sleep.

Michonne holds a meeting about the demand for a meeting with Alpha. Lydia doesn’t think it’s Alpha sending the wave of walkers. Eugene thinks it might be the equipment from the shuttle setting off the walkers. Michonne decides to talk to Alpha. Carol and Daryl go with her.

Gabe forces Negan to work with Aaron, just like peanut butter and jelly, and I love how Negan is into Aaron’s hand weaponry…it is a bit Mad Max. I love Negan. Not before when he killed our friends, but now…he is freaking funny.


Carol is not at all happy about laying down her weapons, and those pills are making her too edgy. Don’t like this. Alpha claims that Team Michonne broke the rules three times. She wants to punish people, but she will take land in return for the discretions. Alpha wants Carol to lower her eyes, but Carol is not about to fear anyone. Alpha really doesn’t know who she is dealing with or she wouldn’t have taunted Carol with Henry’s last words. What a monster.


Thankfully, Daryl stops Carol from killing Alpha….and for some strange reason Alpha overlooks this. In the end Alpha wins the land deal. Michonne and Daryl are worried about Carol…they have every reason to be so.

Negan and Aaron talk about life choices. Negan knows that he is a hated man, but he had rules to keep his people safe. Aaron blames Negan for Eric’s death, but Negan counters, blaming Eric’s death on Aaron. A flash of the old Negan came though when Aaron told Negan that his wife died hating him. After fighting a walker, Aaron is blinded by walker guts.


I love Carol, but we need her pill free if Team Michonne will survive this season. They need rest, and hole up at a school, but without sleep, Carol is doing a lot of hallucinating. She sees all her dead children on a book cover, and she imagines Daryl telling her a story about his dad…but did she imagine a Whisperer inside the school when she got caught in the snare? Carol finally gets a few “Z’s” and dreams of a happier time with Henry and Daryl.


Eugene and Rosita have a parting of ways, and it is sad. Eugene was hoping for his friendship to blossom into more, but the spark isn’t there, and I don’t think Rosita will ever look at Eugene as a lover.

Carol e 4

Negan saves Aaron from walkers, and by the next day, Aaron’s sight has returned. I think Aaron is going to have a difference opinion about Negan. I hope so because Negan is the perfect weapon to release on the Whisperers.

Michonne finally gets to take a nap with her children, but it’s only the calm before the storm because Carol was not hallucinating about that Whisperer being at the school.


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