Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S10 E02

18 Oct


I am really late with my recaps for the first two episode of S10 of “The Walking Dead” but I was on a cruise of a lifetime to Greece and Italy. I am back now with some serious questions. Who is Alpha, and how did she meet Beta? Alpha makes Mother Bates look like Mother Theresa, but even monsters need a sidekick.

We Are the End of the World

In the last episode, pieces of the International Space Station came crashing down on our survivors, and while Team Michonne kept Oceanside from going up in flames, we get a bit more of Alpha’s backstory. Alpha may have been bad to the bone before the apocalypse even began. We know this because of her killing her husband and her treatment of Lydia. Now, we know how she met Beta, a man who may be even more demonic than she is. Lydia has more of her dad’s DNA than her mom’s and that is why she is with the good guys.


After escaping into a psychiatric hospital when confronted by the dead, Alpha and Lydia meet a huge man wearing a sack over his head. Alpha isn’t afraid and stands up to the machete swinging stranger. She tells the man that he will have to kill her and Lydia because Alpha is not going anywhere without her child. Alpha is a monster, but she may be right when she claims that “We are all monsters now.”


Birds of a feather tend to flock together and we see this happening as Alpha and Beta begin to bond. Beta has grown to love the rumblings of the walkers that surround the hospital. His sack hides his identity. Alpha calls him “B” because the dead don’t need names but notice how she has made him subservient to her “A” title. Beta is unwilling to reveal his identity or to leave his sanctuary. He doesn’t want to leave his walker friend behind, but not only does Alpha convince him to kill his friend, but to cut off his friend’s face and wear it. Alpha does get a peak at Beta’s face and the rumor going around is that he was some country singer superstar before civilization circled the drain. Hoping to learn more about this in upcoming episodes.


As we jump from flashback to present, we see that Alpha is dealing with mutiny within her ranks. Thora Birch is having a hard time controlling little sister who had to abandon her baby at Hilltop. Little sister almost gets Alpha & Beta killed with her tears for her lost child. Beta realizes that Hilltop and Oceanside are becoming more alluring to some of the members. He wants to kill little sister, but Alpha stops him. In a rare moment of sanity, Alpha reminds Beta that he will never understand a mother’s love.


Beta is enraged that Alpha showed mercy. He feels this will weaken the clan and cause some to go over to the other side, and on top of that, Beta learns that Lydia is still alive. Alpha lied to him. They make up, but when little sister loses it again while herding walkers, it is Thora who sacrifices little sister to the herd to save the leaders. Thora is now promoted to Gamma.


This episode ends with Alpha collecting her thoughts when she sees Carol looking down on her. Like I said last week, Carol and Alpha will most likely represent the Rick vs Governor in this season’s storyline. This will be one hell of a battle.

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