Gilbert Speaks on Fear the Walking Dead S05 E16

30 Sep


On last week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead, Team Morgan’s dream of finding a permanent home at Humbug Gulch turned out to be a dead end. Morgan was forced to ask Ginny for help. On this week’s season finale, Dwight thinks he hears Sherry’s voice on the walkie and someone gets married.

End of the Line

Dwight can hear Sherry on the walkie, but she can’t hear him. He makes it back to the SWAT van when a herd of rider less horses mosey up. Is Ginny behind this? We know she was behind what happened to the people of Humbug Gulch. Morgan wants a promise that she won’t separate the group, but Ginny isn’t into negotiating. Will Morgan agree to her terms? I can understand it because he is responsible for everyone in the team, and he is worried about Grace. Morgan finds out that Grace had an affair before they met. While Grace is worried that Ginny will not take in a sick person, John and June are also afraid of being separated. You know who separates families? A nasty despot!


Thank heavens Dwight is with Team Morgan. When he rides to the rescue with horses, Team Morgan realize that there is water nearby and that Ginny was lying. Alicia wants to clear Humbug of its walkers, but Strand wants to take his chances with Ginny. Daniel reminds the group that they have to take care of the dead before they can take care of Ginny.


Alicia and Wes want to make the town pretty, and like the DIY channel, they get their sights on painting up the town. While this goes on, Team Morgan lead the herd of cowboy walkers towards where they think Ginny will come from. I just love how Morgan and Grace are riding together. I think it’s best the group fight Ginny especially after what Al just discovered. Ginny and her men were responsible for what happened to the people of Humbug Gulch.

Team Morgan needs to choose their future, and while Daniel doesn’t trust Ginny, Strand wants to give her a try. Daniel is shocked to see Luci with Ginny, and he warns Morgan…this causes a mishap and Dwight loses his horse to the walkers and just barely gets away. Dwight is injured, but he leads the walkers to the river…thankfully, John and June show up. They are the Roy Rogers and Dale Evens of the walker world. Teaming up together, Team Morgan not only saves Dwight but they teach the walkers wild river rafting…it’s a lot of fun, but in the end, Ginny holds all the aces.

Conclusion and big Spoiler Alert

Morgan wants to keep people alive, but Dwight and the others don’t want to be separated, and luckily they have a little time before Ginny arrives. Alicia and Wes do their town renewal project, and June and John get married. Dwight gives them his and Sherry’s rings. The Rabbi does the ceremony. Daniel, Charlie, and Grace provide the entertainment.


When Ginny shows up, we learn that Strand has a big mouth. He told Ginny about the walker greeting Morgan had planned. Ginny wasn’t happy, but Morgan stands his ground; they won’t go with her if they are separated. Now we know damn well, Ginny is going to renege on the deal, and she does. She takes Al’s camera away. Not only is Charlie taken away from Daniel, but so is Skidmark. I can’t believe Morgan fell for Ginny’s lie. At least Morgan get to profess his love to Grace before Ginny shoots Morgan. AS Morgan lays dying, he learns that Grace is not sick, but pregnant. Morgan is left to die.

I am going to say one thing, if they kill Morgan on this show, I will not watch Fear the Walking Dead again. #LetMorganLive


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