Gilbert Speaks on Fear The Walking Dead S05 E03

17 Jun


On last week’s episode of Fear the Walking Dead, Daniel and Strand did not fly the friendly skies together…And the apocalypse is full of surprises. With no one keeping tabs on nuclear power plants, Team Morgan meet radioactive walkers. This week Alicia & Luci deal with flat tires, while June and John meet a desperate survivor.

Humbug’s Gulch

Team Morgan are killing the radioactive walkers while trying to circle the perimeter in hopes of finding Al, but they meet a walker roadblock. Before they can handle the roadblock, someone shoots at them. John and June wind up at John’s old stomping ground which looks a lot like an abandoned movie lot of a Western cowpoke town. I’ve been to one of those towns in Old Tucson. The actors were all dressed as cowboys and they had shootouts. It was fun. Luckily John and June, there are supplies.


Although Luci is injured, she and Alicia are helping with finding Al and the kids, but when she hears the kids on the walkie, Annie refuses to tell Alicia where they are because the ‘others’ will find them. Maybe those ‘others’ are the same ones who shot at John and June. I was wondering when we would meet our old friend, Dwight (Austin Amelio). This is the second crossover from TWD, and now we know that Dwight is still searching for his wife. As much as John tries to win Dwight’s confidence, Dwight is not listening, until John tells him how crazy he was when he was looking for June.

Someone is desperate to keep Alicia from finding Al, They use a spiked board to give the girls a four flat tires. Morgan is headed their way to save the day. But in the meantime, we learn more about Dwight. He has been searching for his wife for more than a year. She leaves him clues, but he hasn’t seen her clues in a while. Where did John get the car? Is Sherry even alive?


The San Antonio Split saved the day! Dwight was ready to give up the ghost, but June talked him out of putting a bullet in his head. The problem was that walkers surrounded Dwight, and yes, this is the first time John and June heard the word. In the classic shoot out at the OK Corral recreation, John uses a technique that saves the day and it is amazing. I am so happy that Dwight is with good people. And I have to tell you that the reunion between Morgan and Dwight was the highlight of this episode.


Coleman Domingo directed this episode, and he did a great job. Alicia tries one more time to contact the kids, but maybe she shouldn’t because it’s the kids that are setting up the walker roadblocks. Annie and Max left Dylan behind to trap our friends. I think we need to channel Carol and her cookies for these brats.


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