Gilbert Speaks on “Fear the Walking Dead” S05 E02

10 Jun


On this episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” Morgan and Alicia learn of a new walker threat. Strand bumps into an old frenemy. But the big question for tonight is who captured Althea?

The Hurt That Will Happen

“You still talk too much, Victor.” Hmmm? Daniel is looking good considering he was shot in the face the last time we saw him…but for now, he takes Strand into his sanctuary. Strand breaks the news to Daniel that Madison and Nick are dead. Strand and Daniel seem to mend fences, but was Daniel ever a fence mending type of guy?


Team Morgan is searching for Al, but they need to split up. Morgan and Alicia find a spot that warns of danger. What could be worse than walkers? How about a woman dressed in a hazmat suit and pointing a gun at you. Remember last week when I asked you about the nuclear power plants. The woman in the suit is trying to protect people from radiation poisoning. Morgan and Alicia both have to be decontaminated, which means a shower and new clothing…but Morgan loses his walking stick to the radiation poisoning. Wood is porous. I guess Morgan will need to find a katana. John and June are warned about the radioactive walkers, and after checking on Luci’s wound, they continue their search for Al.

When the apocalypse hits…and it will… things are going to fall apart. Think of the different power plants across this country. Think Chernobyl. That meltdown happened even with trained personnel at the helm. What happens to the infrastructure when no one is there to turn the knob or flip a switch? Walkers will be the least of our problems.


Daniel proves that he is not in the forgiving business, and refuses to fly the plane to help Team Morgan. He kicks Strand out into the night to fend for himself. Morgan tells Alicia that she has to open a door and allow people in. That kid has lost her entire family, so it’s easy to see why she blames herself. Morgan gives her the benefit of his age and wisdom, and it seems to help.


After helping to properly dispose of the contaminated walkers, Morgan and Alicia offer to help Hazmat lady find the other contaminated walkers, but she refuses. She is carrying her own bag of guilt. She needs to track down her friends/walkers…before she dies from radiation poisoning.

Luci hears a noise before communication with Strand is interrupted. Why did she go outside alone? When the group finds her unconscious, the dead are gone, but their heads are decorating the top of a billboard. Someone knows that they are there and, they want to scare them. I like where FTWD is headed, and I know there will be more surprise appearances.


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