Gilbert Speaks on “Fear the Walking Dead” S05 E01

3 Jun


When we last saw Team Morgan on Fear the Walking Dead, they found refuge at a Denim Mill. Morgan wants to continue Clayton’s humanity work, but we are left with a few questions: who is flying that plane, and who is taking care of all those nuclear power plants?

Here to Help

I was actually excited for this series to return. We not only reconnect with our favorites, but we get to meet a few new characters. Dylan (Cooper Dodson) and Max (Ethan Suess) are hunting for food. They bag a deer, but there are too many walkers around. When Max’s gun gets jammed, a low flying plane saves the day.


Alicia comes to the rescue of Dylan and Max after the plane crashes. How cool was Alicia swinging that propeller blade? But we are left with a bigger mystery as to why Team Morgan is on that plane. June, John, Al, Morgan and Alicia are okay except for a few scrapes and bumps, but Luci is pinned down by one of the metal supports of the plane. Team Morgan may have survived a plane crash, but walkers surround them and the boys.


Al contacts Strand and tells him to get back to the denim mill and find her tape labeled, Skidmark. It holds the interview of a man from a while back. The man owns a plane, and he might be able to save them. I am guessing that the apocalypse hasn’t put too much of a dent in flying the friendly skies. Alicia notices a sign while fighting walkers. Is there a nuclear power plant nearby, because that sign warns about radioactive danger! So why exactly was Team Morgan flying the friendly skies? They were on their way to save the day. Morgan has the denim mill all set up for guests, but no one wants to check into their hotel…except for a man named Logan. They have been communicating via ham radio and walkie. Logan needs help, and that is why Morgan and the others wanted to try their hand at flying…which was a very bad idea.


Both TWD and FTWD have strong female characters. Alicia is a younger version of Ninja Carol, while Al and June bring their own pizazz to each battle, but tonight we meet Dylan and Max’s sister Annie (Bailey Gavulic). Annie arrives to save her brothers in a camp van. Annie doesn’t trust Team Morgan. Maybe it’s because they crashed their plane. After lots of pleading, and lots of bleeding from Luci, Annie takes them to their destination. On the way, they run into a walker barricade. We should recognize the handiwork of the people responsible for the barricade and the walker heads decorating a nearby tree. Maybe a few of Negan’s men are staking out new territories to terrorize, now that their boss is a prisoner of Team Rick.


Children have an inner sense of a situation, and can see the truth faster than adults can. When Logan and his people are not at the place of rescue, Annie and her brothers leave. Annie wants no part of playing the “Good Samaritan” and we don’t blame her.


Logan (Matt Frewer) finally answers Morgan’s radio. Seems that call for help was a ploy to distract Team Morgan. The mill belongs to Logan and he took it back…he’s not into helping people like his partner was…proving my theory that no good deed goes unpunished. Wendell, Sarah, Charlie, and Strand are locked out of the mill, but Charlie finds a way in and steals the tape that Al needs.


Hmmm? So Skidmark is no other than Daniel who is alive. John is going through “Good Samaritan” withdrawal because he feels that they suck as a rescue team. Luckily for John, June reminds him that as long as they supply the hope…people can save themselves. Whatever!


In the meantime, Al sneaks back to the plane crash site to check on the skewered biker. He has a map with three circles linked and the letters CRM. Al is very excited as she tells Morgan, over the radio, that she has a story…but Morgan doesn’t get to hear her story because Al is knocked out by another guy in uniform. Team Morgan is in deep trouble, Logan has the last laugh, and…there might be radioactive walkers nearby. Welcome back to Fear the Walking Dead.


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