Gilbert Speaks on “Killing Eve” S02 Finale

27 May


What did I just see? I was shocked with the season 2 finale of Killing Eve. Was this it? Is there another season? What happened to Hugo? Join me as we pick apart the events from last night’s episode.

If You Need Any Help, Just Axe

If nothing else, you must admit that you never know what is going to happen with Villanelle. Sociopaths don’t think like regular people. They just don’t have the emotional equipment. This is important to remember when Villanelle so easily does the unthinkable. We get it. She’s more like a robot without the protective commands to “Do no harm” to humans…Eve on the other hand…should be acting like an agent of MI6…but maybe birds of a feather to flock together…

We are still in sunny Rome and Villanelle does some snooping. She seems pleased that Aaron is indeed a fellow sociopath who enjoys killing people. Aaron keeps a video file of his killing another girl in the very bed that Villanelle is presently sleeping in. Villanelle, ever the Cheshire Cat that she is, accidently says the safe word (Gentleman) and that sets Eve to the rescue.

Hugo, who is a conscientious MI6 agent, overlooks the fact that Eve ravished him only as a means to a three way with Villanelle. He even brings Eve a cup of coffee…cold…so maybe Hugo (Edward Bluemel) is not that forgiving. When Hugo steps out to make a phone call and is attacked by a henchman connected with the people trying to purchase the data weapon from Aaron. Eve hides under the bed before finding a badly injured Hugo bleeding out in the hallway. No one is at the front desk for her to call an ambulance. The killer mistakes her for the concierge and makes a dinner date with her. Does Eve run out into the street and flag down a police officer? Does she go back to Hugo and try to stop the bleeding? Shit, no! She runs over to Aarons place dressed as a hotel maid to save Villanelle.

Villanelle and Aaron are having a pleasant chat over breakfast when Eve breaks into the room. Aaron seems surprised that they know each other, but that contradicts his superpowers of obtaining all kinds of information. His offer to Villanelle to join his team, puts Eve in a panic, especially since the price of entry into Aaron’s team is to kill Eve.

Silly rabbit! Did you really expect Villanelle to kill Eve? Villanelle makes short work of slicing Aaron’s throat even though she was told by Carolyn and Konstantin not to kill Aaron. When did Villanelle ever follow orders, and isn’t that just exactly what Carolyn and Konstantin were counting on. When Eve returns to her hotel, Hugo and the surveillance equipment is gone.


Who do you trust? Eve learns that Carolyn and Konstantin are running their own chess game with Eve and Villanelle the pawns. Carolyn isn’t that upset about Aaron because he was less of a problem dead…in fact she was counting on Villanelle to kill the problem to national security. No mention is made of poor Hugo. Is he alive? Carolyn also taunts Eve with the knowledge that she did exactly what Carolyn expected….she puts Villanelle before everyone.


While Carolyn scolds Eve, Villanelle gets an offer by Konstantin: give up Eve, take the car and run. If she doesn’t then Raymond will kill her. I don’t know if it was an act, but Villanelle looks truly stunned that Konstantin is abandoning her. I don’t blame Konstantin. He knows that Villanelle is obsessed with Eve, and nothing will stop her from having Eve all to herself.

Is Eve evil as Villanelle? When Eve sees Raymond choking Villanelle, she plants that axe into Raymond’s back, but Villanelle had to break the last connection that Eve had to human decency. She tells Eve to aim for the head…and Eve does. Villanelle is almost giddy with joy as she and a stunned Eve run through back streets, and an underground tunnel to safety. Villanelle talks about eating dinner and later flying to Alaska to start a new life. Eve is hers! The short-lived elopement disappears quickly when Eve sees that Villanelle never needed her help with Raymond because she had the gun.


Obsession kills all relationships. Villanelle tells Eve, “Your mine.” This is not a proclamation of love. This is ownership, and maybe the closest thing to love a sociopath can understand. When Eve walks away, Villanelle shoots her. Tit for tat…but for season three (yes there is a season three) the writers will have to up the ante to keep us interested in what happens to Eve…Villanelle is always interesting because she is an anomaly, a robot in fashionable clothing, and we will keep watching to see what horrible thing she’ll do next.

I need to read Codename Villanelle while I wait for season 3.



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