Gilbert Speaks on “Killing Eve” S02 E07

21 May


On last week’s post of, Killing Eve, I foolishly thought that this week would be the season finale. My bad! I was getting my dragons and sociopaths mixed up…speaking of dragons, you may want to jump over to Biff Bam Pop to catch my friend’s review of the series finale of Game of Thrones. In this week’s episode of Killing Eve, Eve does Hugo while Villanelle deals with a fellow sociopath.

Wide Awake

It is a bit hard to believe that there is a crazier assassin then Villanelle, but Aaron Peele proves that he quite capable of upping the game on disturbed behavior. What was more disturbing is the fact that Carolyn may be setting Eve up. MI6 needs to be in Rome with Villanelle and Peele to find out what the weapon is, and who is interested in buying the weapon. Hugo is picked to accompany Eve, which is fine with Hugo. He has a crush of Eve.

Henry warns Eve not to go to Rome, but before he can give her more information, Carolyn walks in. I like Carolyn, but not if she treats her agents as pawns. The strange part is how Carolyn, Eve, and the rest of the MI6 team so readily welcome Villanelle into their confidence. Everyone, including the psychologist who is an expert on sociopaths, think it’s a bad idea to have Eve and Villanelle work together…but then they go out of their way to make sure Eve and Villanelle are on the same continent.


I think Aaron is much more dangerous than Villanelle. He doesn’t date anyone. He doesn’t have sex with anyone (as far as we know, unless he’s built himself a sex robot). His need to control people is frightening. He doesn’t eat, but enjoys watching Villanelle eat, and he’s hidden her suitcase which holds her fake birth control listening device because Aaron has clothes already picked out for Villanelle to wear. What surprised me is how willingly Villanelle plays this game.


While Aaron, using his surveillance equipment, spies on Villanelle…Eve and Hugo are able to listen to Aaron and Villanelle’s conversations after Eve is able to sneak a new listening device to Villanelle via a dinner roll. When Aaron does meet with foreign agents, Eve and Hugo learn that Aaron is selling information.

We didn’t need the Russians hacking into Hillary’s emails, or into our voting machines to know that data mining is a big business that strips you of your privacy and freedom. You can learn more about it here.


We must never forget that although Villanelle is fun to watch, she is soulless and will kill you as soon as she loses interest in you. Eve needs to remember this because Niko’s new girlfriend was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and Villanelle killed her, just because she could.


Villanelle is playing everyone. She knows that Eve is listening, so she seduces her with heavy breathing and sexual allusions. Eve falls right into the spider web. Aroused, Eve wakes up Hugo. He doesn’t mind until he realizes that he was part of a threesome,

I don’t know how season 2 will end, but I can’t wait to see how Villanelle handles Aaron when he no longer interests her.


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