Gilbert Speaks on “Killing Eve” S02 E06

13 May



I think last night’s episodes of both Killing Eve, and Game of Thrones, left fans a bit confused as to what the hell was happening with their favorite charactors. My friend and fellow Biff Bam Pop blogger, James Knipp had the harder job of doing his review, where I had to figure out who was more the blame for Eve’s and Niko’s marital problems. Sometimes being a sociopath has its benefits as Villanelle infiltrates the Peele family.

I Hope You Like Missionary

Niko is angry and confused after Villanelle confronted him at school. He knows that Eve has kept some pretty big secrets from him. He and Eve have a night of rough sex, which Eve foolishly assumes that their marriage is back on steady ground. It isn’t. The next morning, Niko moves out. I really don’t know if I should feel sorry for him. He knows that his wife is now working at MI6. What does he expect? Didn’t he ever watch James Bond films? His leaving seems to upset Eve, but is she really upset…or relieved?


While Eve deals with hubby’s leaving her, there is more information coming in on Aaron Peele. Seems this “Father Killer” is very tech savvy, and he doesn’t like people checking up on him. They wind up dead. Aaron Peele knows Eve, so they need to get someone to infiltrate his inner circle. Someone Peele or his sister don’t know. Eve has to enlist the help of Konstantin and Villanelle. As a side note, the living arrangements with Konstantin and Carolyn are hilarious. She has gentlemen guests over, but they are quite curious as to why Konstantin is there. Kenny wisely disappears as Konstantin teases an overnight lover of Carolyn.


Aaron Peele gathers information better than MI6, and this is very troubling because he won’t be easy to trick. Carolyn decides to have Villanelle focus on Aaron’s sister Amber, who is a recovering addict. Villanelle is bugged as she joins a group at an AA meeting. Villanelle tries to blend in, but the group immediately knows she is bullshitting. Our little sociopath has to be careful not to blow her cover. She doesn’t know how to be honest and that is exactly what’s expected at these meeting.

When Amber and Villanelle do try to talk, Amber’s watchdog interferes. Eve is watching from a coffee shop across the street as Villanelle accidently on purpose shoves the woman into oncoming traffic. If Eve is shocked by this turn of events, she should be after Villanelle reminds her that Eve is most likely still living, because Villanelle finds her interesting…so don’t ruin that. Villanelle, now that Amber’s watchdog is squished and dead, is invited to the Peele home. When Villanelle opens up the next time with the AA group, she is more convincing as a recovering addict, and that is because she tells the truth. She feels nothing. She is empty inside. Life is a continuous bore.


Obsession can be dangerous to one’s health and marriage. Why did Eve go to Gemma’s house? She really doesn’t care about Niko. Gemma invites Eve in for tea, but Eve goes snooping into Gemma’s personal belongings. She is acting more and more like Villanelle….wow! Eve gets caught, but as she leaves the house, she says to Gemma, “I hope you like the missionary position.” Something tells me that the Polastri marriage is deader than Amber’s watchdog.


Villanelle has finally met someone as sociopathic as she is. Aaron is a bully. Amber is afraid of him, but when he begins to question Villanelle about her education, she smacks him across the face with a book. What does this defiance against Peele mean for the MI6 operation? I don’t know, but you can bet your last dollar that Villanelle will kill Aaron if she gets the chance.

How? I’m not sure, but it might have to do with that little diner that sells kebabs. She seemed oddly interested when the cashier told her how he made the kebabs. “We use all kinds of meat, and people will eat anything if you slice it thin enough and put hot sauce on it.” I hope the two girls she stalked at the end of the episode don’t wind up on a platter.


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