Gilbert Speaks on “Killing Eve” S02 E05

6 May


In this episode of “Killing Eve” MI6 has to break the Ghost but nothing is working until Eve mentions Villanelle. This gets an unexpected reaction from the Ghost who calls Villanelle “The Egg Ghost…the Demon with no face.” It seems that Villanelle is even scary to other hired assassins…and maybe this is why we love her.

Smell Ya Later

Konstantin want s Villanelle to kill Eve because he rightly guesses that Eve is a threat to Villanelle’s killer instincts. MI6 invites an expert on sociopaths to talk to Eve’s team. His explanation that sociopaths lack all human emotions or criteria is right on. They are copycats, or maybe more like robots that go through the motions of being humanoid without the mess of owning a bit of humanity…sort of like the 45th president of these United States. You can’t control sociopaths long term, but for the short run, you can control them with money and gifts and promises of power.


The MI6 expert tells Carolyn that he thinks Eve is too close to Villanelle and is a danger to the mission. Carolyn in turn tells the MI6 expert about tumbling bookshelves and two little feet peeking sticking out from under the cascade. Villanelle may be grieving because of Konstantin’s restrictions and his order to kill Eve…but she still finds time to visit a car wash. I almost expected this song to play while Villanelle killed the unfortunate owner of the car.

Later Villanelle manages to get a gift to Eve…white roses spelling out Eve’s name. White roses are the symbol of innocence and true love. Those roses gets Eve all hot and bothered and she drags Niko up to bed. Eve and the MI6 team decide to use Villanelle to get the Ghost to tell them who ordered the hit on the Alistair Peele.


Eve decides to meet with Villanelle, but it’s against Kenny’s and Hugo’s advice. She is required to wear a vest, which she does grudgingly. Kenny was demoted for pointing out to Eve that she’s changed and things are out of control. I think Kenny is right because Eve looked pretty close to shoving a man onto the track of an oncoming train after he rudely bumped into Eve without apologizing.

eve 5

Eve removes the bulletproof vest, and that is when Villanelle shows up. A bottle of champagne in hand, Villanelle swoops in all dressed in black lace. These women are playing a dangerous game of obsessive flirting. Eve tells Villanelle that she needs her to get a confession from the Ghost. The whole scene is quite sexual even with Villanelle pressing a sharp blade against Eve’s chest. As Eve and Villanelle drive away to where the Ghost is being held, they fail to notice someone is watching…Carolyn and Konstantin. What? Is Villanelle now officially working for MI6?


One thing is sure in this series. Other assassins fear villanelle. We don’t know what Villanelle does to the Ghost to get her confession. There were no visible wounds…but when Eve goes to check on the prisoner, the Ghost only says one word, “MONSTER.” Eve learns that Peel’s son had his father killed in order to sell weapons to secret group known as The Twelve.

Yes, I think Eve is turning into a monster, and I think she knows it after that train ride. That Villanelle will destroy anyone who comes between her and Eve is evident after she visits Niko at Oxford. Villanelle tells Niko that Eve stabbed her while they were in bed together. Like I said in the beginning, Villanelle is scary, but that is why we love her. With a snarky “Smell ya later!” to Niko, Villanelle saunters off without a care in the world and knowing that she has inserted a rift in Eve’s marriage.


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