Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S09 E13

12 Mar


In this episode of The Walking Dead, Daryl fights Beta while Ezekiel receives a threat from a new enemy. Who are the Highwaymen?


While Daryl, Connie, Henry, and Lydia flee Team Beta, Jerry delivers a message to his King and Queen. A group called the Highwaymen ambushed Jerry and his men. Although they stole Jerry’s sword, they did not harm anyone. Ezekiel thinks the people behind the threat is Jed’s group…but Carol knows firsthand that she did a weenie roast on Jed and his men. While Ezekiel wants to fight a war, Carol suggests they talk. Why? The letter from the Highwaymen is grammatically correct…and anyone who can correctly compose a letter can’t be all that bad.


Who else is excited to see the statue of the tiger watching over the Kingdom? Ezekiel and Carol take their best fighters for the meeting. Ozzie (Angus Sampson), the leader of the Highwaymen, wears a cowboy hat, and he wants everyone to pay a toll for the free access to the Faire. Ezekiel refuses, but Carol makes an offer that the pirates can’t refuse.


Beta is a huge man, and he will do everything in his power to bring Lydia home. We need to remind ourselves that people will do anything to survive even if that means traveling with the very things that caused the apocalypse. Even though many of his friends will turn from their injuries, they are still part of the family. Beta and his people live by the rules of the dead…so don’t expect compassion or guilt from these people…remember that they left that infant boy to be fed on by walkers.


When Lydia explains to Daryl that Beta is a dangerous man, Daryl makes the mistake of thinking that taking down Beta will stop the attack of the Whisperers. Connie convinces Team Daryl to hide out in one the high-rise that was under construction. Connie is part of Team Magna, and in this episode we get to see firsthand just how organized Connie and her friends were. Everywhere they went, they hid supplies, water or maps of the building. Tara had commented that as long as Connie was with Daryl, she was safe, but maybe it’s Connie who is keeping Daryl safe. One thing is for sure, Daryl is impressed with Connie.

Lydia and Henry

Oh the perils of teenage angst! Henry and Lydia are the apocalyptic version of Romeo and Juliet, and they are ready to head out on their own. There is just one little problem. Daryl doesn’t think she will fight her people when the time comes. Daryl also doesn’t want the girl accidently killed so he locks her in an Dog in the closet. While Daryl and Connie fight the Whisperers, Henry is attacked. Thank goodness for weak doors and true love, because Lydia and Dog make short work of the man. Henry is injured…but Lydia’s prepared to kiss the booboo and make it all better. I love these kids


Daryl fights Beta and knocks the Whisperer assassin down an elevator shaft. It was several stories, so you’d think that Beta is out of the picture, but as Team Daryl take the injured Henry to Alexandria…Beta wakes up. Daryl is thinking of going on a road trip to nowhere with Connie, Henry and Lydia, but Carol might fight him on this.


I felt for sure that the baby that Earl and Tammy are raising would become a walker snack when walkers attacked them on the road to the Faire, but Tammy was smart enough to hide the baby in a trunk. Thanks to Carol’s offer to Ozzie, and his Highwaymen, for the chance to watch a good movie, complete with snacks, Earl, Tammy and the rest of the Hilltop travelers were rescued by the grammatically correct Highwaymen.

I hope Beta (Ryan Hurst) isn’t the apocalyptic version of Michael Myers, because this will be bad news for all the communities.

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