Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S09 E12

4 Mar


On this week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” Lydia is back with Mother Dearest, who is suspicious of her daughter’s loyalty. Michonne must make a decision about sending a delegation to the Kingdom. Will her conversations with Negan help with this decision? Will Eugene’s chart help Gabe and Rosita’s baby dilemma?


Did Alpha come for her daughter because she loved Lydia, or was it just to get information about Hilltop? I don’t think Lydia is happy about being back with the Whisperers. Meanwhile back in Alexandria Michonne is having her own problems because everyone except Aaron feels that she is isolating them from the other communities. Michonne threatens to Veto the committee’s vote to be part of the big Fair. What does it mean for Alexandria if the Kingdom falls? Michonne has lost the two people she loved, Carl and Rick, so you can understand why she is only worried about Alexandria.


While Rosita and Gabe decide on how to handle her pregnancy, Henry is captured while following Alpha. Alpha doesn’t know that Daryl and Connie are following the boy. I love that Daryl has taught Dog to fetch the arrows. Some of Alpha’s people are not happy that Alpha went back for Lydia. It cost the lives of a few Whisperers. When a couple challenges her, she cuts off the head of the woman, then she kills the man. Henry watches in shock. This is what happens when a sociopath is in control…they feed on their own.

Eugene has made two charts to help Gabe be a good father. Eugene wants Gabe to stand by Rosita even though the baby is not his. Eugene has really changed for the good. He loves Rosita, but he also wants Rosita to be happy.


Negan is a bastard, but I’m liking the new Negan. Michonne wants to know why Negan came back. When he tells her that he is willing to help her lead, she doesn’t take kindly to his suggestion, but the thing is that Negan knows exactly what is going on. Michonne wrote out a “Bill of Rights” for the communities, but she isn’t so willing to let the people rule… Later Michonne questions Judith about her talking to Negan. Judith feels sorry for him…and he listens to her. Michonne tells Judith why Negan is not to be trusted, but Judith still defends Negan. Sometimes, the youngest among us can see the truth more clearly.


Alpha is an abusive mother and an abusive leader. Beta listens as Alpha tells him that she just stood there and watched as a three-year-old Lydia almost suffocated on a dry cleaning bag. After she finally stepped in to save the child, she beat the toddler as a reminder to keep away from plastic bags. Beta is the perfect second in command to crazy Alpha, and he’s picked up on something Alpha missed. Lydia has feelings for Henry. Alpha tells Lydia to kill Henry.


Maybe Negan touched a nerve, or maybe it was Judith’s defending the boogeyman, whatever it was, Michonne speaks to Aaron about allowing the people a voice. They can send a delegation to the Kingdom. Aaron isn’t so because of the risk of running into the Whisperers.

Tonight’s episode ended on a high note. Daryl and Connie used the walkers to rescue Lydia and Henry. The war is on.


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