Gilbert Speaks On “The Walking Dead” S09 E11

25 Feb


Holy Silence of the Lambs! You have to be desperate or just plain crazy to wear the skin of the dead…but on this week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” Alpha wants her daughter returned to her. Did Daryl just give Alpha the wrong answer?


How do you avoid conflict with an enemy? Who the hell knows, but right now Jerry has a secret for Ezekiel and Carol. His wife is preggers with child #4. I love Jerry (Cooper Andrews), especially when he stuck his gum on the back of Ezekiel. We get to see Jesus one more time (pre death) as he and Tara drop off supplies and the Michonne’s Post Apocalypse “Bill of Rights.” All the communities are expected to sign.


All the communities are still planning for the big Fair, but first they need to hunt a herd of Elk before the walkers get to the poor beasts. Ezekiel calls Carol his queen, and after Henry had explained why Carol allowed her hair to grow long…it makes this love affair even more special.

The elk hunt goes well, but Ezekiel is not ready to head back to the Kingdom with Carol. Melissa McBride has not soften her character just because she grew her hair long. Carol remains fierce when it comes to protecting her people, and especially if she feels that a projection bulb will cause people to die. Ezekiel is adamant about retrieving the projection bulb from the walker packed movie theatre. Jerry uses music to get the walkers to groove on out of the theatre. But there are plenty more walkers in that theatre, and they want their buttered popcorn…and a refund…the film sucked.


Alpha’s demands are simple, maybe too simple to be trusted. She wants her daughter in exchange for Luke and Alden. Daryl is surprised to see that the Whisperers carry their infants with them, but as Alpha explains, her people are animals and like the animals, they all travel together.


When real walkers arrive, the crying infant brings them to the nursing mother. Alpha tells the shocked Daryl, Luke and Alden that if the mother can’t silence the baby…the dead will. This is freaking nuts! Luke signs to Connie to save the baby. She does, but is soon surrounded by the herd.


Team Daryl saved Connie and the baby, and Luke and Alden are finally safe. Strange that the Whisperers didn’t ask for the baby, but for now, that baby is being loved by the Hilltop people. In the end, Daryl had to do what needed to be done. He returned Lydia to her abusive mother, but Henry is pissed and runs away. There is no way that Daryl is going to let anything happen to Henry, so he and Connie go looking for the boy


When Jerry lost the projection bulb, it is Queen Carol who decides that they should fight for the right to party….Sorry…I couldn’t help myself. The Kingdom gang get their groove on as they chop, stab, and arrow their way to the bulb. While Ezekiel thinks that projection bulb, and the “Bill of Rights” is a sign of better days they overlook an ominous symbol that hints of trouble.


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