Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S09 E10

18 Feb


The dead are not dead, at least when it comes to dealing with the Whisperers. In this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, Tara and a Hilltop search party set out on a daring mission to find Jake and Alden. Let’s hope the guys haven’t met the same fate as their horses.


So, what is Lydia’s story? As Ninja Daryl listens quietly out of sight, Lydia tells Henry how she and her family survived the first 23 days of the apocalypse. Lydia’s mom remained hopeful, while dad wanted to get out of the shelter. While Lydia and Henry compare the toughness of their respective mothers, Tara and the search party make a grisly discovery.


I really like the people of Team Magna. They and a few others from Hilltop accompany Tara only to find that Alden’s and Luke’s horses are now jerky for walkers. These horses were sliced open and skinned to feed the walkers. After they get back to Hilltop, Team Magna decide to do their own search and rescue. It might mean their getting kicked out of Hilltop, but they just can’t sit there and do nothing.


Lydia was five years old when the apocalypse began, and from what she tells Henry, and from what we see of the flashbacks, her father was a pussycat compared to mommy dearest. When Daryl comes back with a switch from a Birch tree, he asks Lydia where she got the bruises on her arm. Seems that mommy dearest is a bit strict with her disciplining. When Lydia tells Daryl that her father was soft because he died saving her from a walker, we realize just how messed up she is.

Lydia and her group walk and live among the walkers. She has become accustomed to the smell of rotting flesh. Daryl couldn’t reach her, but Henry does. When he lets Lydia out of the cell, and tells her about Hilltop. The kindness of Henry, and maybe his sharing a worm snack with her, brings back some buried memories. Lydia tells Daryl and Henry that her mother murdered her father. Lydia wants to stay at Hilltop.


The conversation between Henry and Daryl was touching because Henry guessed that Daryl was abused as a child. Henry tells Daryl that Carol allowed her hair to grow long because Ezekiel has made Carol feel safe. Henry is happy that Daryl and Carol are friends. So are we, Henry. So are we.


When Yumiko and Magna return to Hilltop, Yumiko goes to speak to Tara about their sneaking out. Tara (Alanna Masterson) is going to make a great leader. She understood why team Magna left the camp. In fact, she sent out a search party to make sure they were safe, but as the second group returns with Kelly and her sister…the Whisperers show up. Alpha wants her daughter back, and she has two bargaining chips.

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