Gilbert Speaks on The Walking Dead S09 E09

11 Feb


I need a scorecard to keep up to who is entering TWD universe, and who is leaving. Carl is gone. Rick is far from his friends and family. Jesus died on E08, and now, rumor has Michonne leaving the show. I don’t handle loss very well. When we last left our friends, they were surrounded by the fake dead aka Whisperers.


Read at your own risk. There are many spoilers!

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…or maybe crazier. The Whisperers outnumber team Michonne, but the new kids on the block, Team Magna prove their worth. There is no denying that this new enemy is frightening. While Michonne and the others make their way back to Hilltop, Negan escapes…but not before stopping for a snack and a shovel. He even has time to stop by Rick’s and Michonne’s home where he steals a compass from Judith’s room.

There is some kind of bond between Judith and Negan. She pulls a gun on him as he tries to escape, but he is able to talk her into letting him go with a promise that he will never hurt anyone again. While Negan adjusts to living outside of the jail, and among the walkers, Team Michonne are able to capture one of the Whisperers. Daryl had the right idea. Shoot at their knee and if they cry out…kill them.


The return to Alexandria is a sad one because everyone loved Jesus. Is Enid and Alden a thing now? Tara is now in charge, but she’s already sent Luke and Alden out on a search and rescue.

Poor Eugene gets his leg fixed, but when he tries to tell Rosita that he has feelings for her, she runs away. Rosita is pregnant and it might be Siddiq’s. When did this happen?


Henry doesn’t know his place at Hilltop, but even though Michonne and Daryl can’t get the captured Whisperer to talk; Henry learns her name…Lydia. Negan, after finding that there is nothing remaining of his former world, returns to Alexandria and is greeted by the sharp shooting Judith. She takes him home. Alden and Luke run into the Whisperers.


Lydia lets out a secret. The Whisperers are more comfortable with the dead than they are with the living…and Daryl is eavesdropping.

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