Gilbert Speaks on Protecting Your Aura

11 Feb

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I spoke about psychic and emotional vampires in an earlier blog called Negative Energy. On this post, I want to give some examples on how you can protect your aura/soul from negative energy.

Our Aura

Our souls reside in the vehicle we call a body. The body and soul work on a symbiotic principle. Both must be functioning perfectly for you to achieve a state of wellbeing.

If you don’t keep your body healthy, it will eventually affect the spiritual part of you and, the soul and mind must be kept in the proper frequency or the body suffers. Mind over matter is not some old fable, but the natural order of creation.

How we feel about ourselves and others sets the groundwork on how we deal with people on a day to day journey through this life. If we’re unable to love ourselves, how can we even attempt to love another being? We can’t. It is impossible to give to others what we are unable to give to ourselves. Emotional Vampires know this and they seek out the people who are in this category because they are easier to isolate and control.


Emotional Vampires drain your energy. They exhaust you because they come from a dark place. One example of an emotional vampire is the narcissist. You would be surprised to learn how many of these self-serving people exist. They are able to disguise themselves in order to present to the public an illusion of a caring person. They will never take blame for their actions, but instead, lay the blame on others. They will build you up, only to tear you down in public and then act surprised that you’re upset. The very fact that you are angry makes them stronger, and heaven help the sensitive or empath that must deal with the narcissist. They have a tiger by the tail, but it is not hopeless.

To break away from an emotional abuser, you must realize that you have worth. You had worth from the moment GOD spoke your name. No one can take this from you. The outer shell, the body is only a vehicle. Race, religion, financial status, origin of birth, education, none of this concerns the soul. The soul is free. The soul is pure energy that was created with love. The soul can only be weakened by hating others or by evil deeds that you commit, or by allowing another to make you feel worthless.


To regain your power, the power given to you, you must walk away from the emotional abuser. It will be hard to do. You will need help from people who see you as the beautiful person that you are. In the end, you have the power to claim your worth back. You’ve always had the power. You were given that power when HE spoke your name.


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