Gilbert Speaks About Angels with Margaret Phillips

22 Jan


We travel through this life meeting all types of personalities. Luckily for me, I seem to attract all the gentle hearted, and loving souls. One of those gentle souls is a good friend, and a fellow psychic medium. Margaret Phillips is always the first person in our group to encourage people and comfort them, depending on the situation. Margaret is also the first one to help promote her fellow light bearers. It was high time to shine the light on a very special angel. This is Margaret’s story.

Gilbert: Thank you Margaret for agreeing to this interview. Tell us a little bit about yourself, and when you first learned that you had the gift.


Margaret Phillips: I first started talking with my grandmother who had died before I was born as a child, maybe around 7 or 8 years old.  As I continued to grow, my ability to communicate with other deceased relatives increased.  Also around 8 years old, I was given a picture of a Guardian Angel while in foster care, which prompted me talking to the Angels.  I had talked with God many times before this, but being gifted, that Guardian Angel reignited a connection with the Angels for me. That angel became my steady companion, when no one else seemed to care.  She has hung above my bed in every permanent home I had since she was given to me.

As a teen I would often get that “feeling” something bad was going to happen before it did and while I couldn’t explain it, I would alter my course around what I saw when possible so the negative outcome did not occur. Being a teenager, sometimes all I could do was watch bad things unfold and confirm what I was having bad feelings about.  By age 15, I was having premonitions that were accurate visions of negative things that would be occurring in the near future.

guardian angel

When I shared my first premonition with my parents, I remember my mom telling me to go back to bed, it was just a nightmare and not real.  I refused to go to bed and when I checked on the situation, I had walked into the last moments of a kitten’s life.  This really freaked both my parents out because they couldn’t understand how I could not only see something that was about to occur/in the midst of occurring but how I could see it accurately enough that I felt like I was living it.  Not knowing what to do with me, they sent me to school and told me to talk to the guidance counselor when I got there.

With the situation well above her pay grade, the guidance counselor sent me to a counselor who dealt with troubled youth through the school, who fortunately did not deny my gifts and told me I wasn’t crazy and that some people have premonitions.  I continued to talk to my ancestors, angels, and God as I felt was right for me for the next few years.  As a young adult, my gifts became stronger and I frequently heard the warnings and guidance of the Angels.  I followed them most of the time, but still being in that young adult but not quite there with total responsibility phase, I sometimes ignored the warnings and learned when I went against these warnings, the outcomes had some type of negative consequence attached.  It reminds me of the kid who has to be put in time out 10 times before she learns she shouldn’t do something. Lol.

When I was in my mid-twenties, I was able to help someone deal with their grief.  This was someone who came from an agnostic family, and they were struggling with both their parents’ death.  This was an extended family member, and I was able to see my grandmother put her arm around the father and guide him to heaven.  She told me to tell the family, “I’ll take care of him. Everything will be alright.”  This provided some comfort to the family and while the one son was a self-proclaimed atheist, he came around and became an agnostic after the experience. He was able to better process the grief, as were other members of the family.

My mid-twenties was a sling shot into my spiritual journey.  After that experience, I gobbled up lots of spiritual information from various sources in order to learn more about my gifts, and how to better use them.  I was frequently put into situations, which allowed me to console those who were grieving and pass messages along to them from their recently departed loved ones.  I also had some very spiritual experiences of my own when I was going through physical challenges that had temporarily disabled me. The Angels and God got me through those as well.

My education continued and in my mid-thirties, I was certified to read Angel Cards by Charles Virtue. I also learned mediumship from Charles Virtue and how to contact specific people instead of communicating only with spirits who came to me. It was also at this time I learned spiritual life coaching, Shamanic energy healings and house clearings, and became a certified hypnotherapist.

Gilbert: What types of spiritual healings do you offer your clients? 

Margaret Phillips: This past fall, I became certified in Reiki level 1 & 2.  With my broad education & training, I offer life & relationship coaching, Angel Card readings, mediumship sessions, energy healings through various modalities, general and individual specific meditations for assisting in healing, and hypnotherapy.  I also offer spiritual classes from time to time on various subjects.

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Gilbert Tell us about your Facebook Pages.

Margaret Phillips: My Facebook Business page is Angels Always Around Us, but I also have 2 Facebook groups where people can go for more insight, education, and other programs. My free Facebook group is called Angelic Inspiration and Guidance, where I share daily affirmation cards and various inspiration as well as a mid-week one card pull general group reading.  My paid Facebook group is Angels of Light, and that group is more intense with learning as it contains Angel & Crystal information, Spirit animal information, tips for emotional wellness, meditations, and a weekly in depth 3 card pull general card reading for the group. In my paid group, I also channel the affirmations as opposed to using affirmation cards as I do in my free group.  The energy exchange for the Angels of Light Facebook group is only $20 a year.

How can people contact you?

Margaret Phillips: People can contact me by phone at (856)449-9099, through my website, my Facebook page, or send me a private message through Facebook.  I also have a blog that they can follow

Gilbert: Thank you, Margaret. It has been a true delight to call you my friend. And now, dear readers…you know where to find your angels.

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