Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S09 E03

22 Oct


Last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” was all about bridges: the kind you use to cross over troubled waters, and the kind you use to build trust. This week’s episode focuses on the mysterious disappearance of Saviors.

Warning Signs

Someone is killing the Saviors, but who…and why? In a rare moment, where Rick isn’t fighting someone or something, he takes stock of his blessings. After planting a kiss on the sleeping Michonne and Judith, Rich surveys the building, repairs, and growth that is taking place in Alexandria. The farm is also doing well, but the ripe tomato that Rick picks from the vine is gently placed at Carl’s grave. All this peacefulness is because of Carl. That boy had a vision and Rick is doing his best to make it come true.


Rick, God bless his heart, believes that he can get all the communities to work together, but there are a lot of people who don’t want to give the Saviors a chance. Thankfully for these communities, Michonne is working on writing that charter. She’s worried about Judith’s cough, but all thoughts on charters and doctor’s visits are put on hold because Rick wants their little family to grow. Seeing this scene is bittersweet because we know that Andrew Lincoln’s time on the series is short. While Rick, Michonne and little Judith spend the day together, Maggie delivers food to Sanctuary.

The Saviors

Jed represents most of the Saviors. He is angry that Negan is in jail. He is angry that they have to take orders from Rick, that Maggie controls their food rationing, and that the other communities don’t trust them. Jed is also afraid. Someone is killing the Saviors. Could it be someone from Alexandria? When walker Justin is found stumbling on the road, tempers flare. Alden and Arat try to calm their people down.

Even though there are many Saviors who welcome the chance to belong to Rick’s team, there are many who are afraid to trust Rick. Accusations are tossed back and forth. Some believe that Daryl killed Justin because the wound is similar to that from an arrow. Some believe that Anne is behind the disappearances. No one trusts Anne except Gabe. When Rick questions Gabe about Anne’s whereabouts the night before, Gabe lies and says that Anne was with him on watch duty.


Rick has to find the person or persons who are killing Saviors. Search parties are sent out, with Rick and Carol going one way, Maggie and Cyndie going another. Carol tells Rick that during the standoff between Team Rick and Team Ned…she was ready to shoot the whole lot of them. Yeah…I can see where the Saviors feel like the outsiders, but they earned that reputation…especially when Ned holds Carol hostage for the guns. The Queen of Cookies turned the table on Ned, but she didn’t kill him because like Rick, Carol wants to believe that every life counts.

Maggie and Cyndie come across shack attack walkers. Later the group finds Bee unconscious. Someone has taken Arat. Rick sends out his people to find Arat before the Saviors really get even more paranoid.


Wow, this episode had a double whammy betrayal. Cyndie and Bee have Arat. Team Oceanside was behind all the Savior disappearances. Cyndie and Bee were preparing to execute Arat when Daryl and Maggie arrived on the scene. When Maggie tries to stop them, Cyndie (Sydney Park) tells her that Gregory’s death gave them the courage to punish their enemy. Cyndie gets revenge for her little brother…no exceptions. Maggie is now ready to rid the world of Negan…no exceptions. After that little talk between Daryl and Rick, I’m afraid that Daryl will help Maggie complete her mission. I am interested on how this goes because Daryl has always been loyal to Rick, even though it was Rick who left brother Merle on that roof to die.


Anne/Jadis (Pollyanna McIntosh) is like a squirrel. She has shit hidden all over the dump. She also has a secret. Anne’s been trading people to Team Copter for supplies. She has to deliver them an “A” but then Gabe arrives. Anne swears that she’s not responsible for Justin’s death. I think she really wanted to be part of Alexandria, and I think she really likes Gabe, but there are obligations to be met with the people flying that copter.

It’s bad news for Gabe after he sides with Team Rick, because he’s immediately demoted to a status “B” by Anne. I think we’ve just been given a clue on what happens to Rick. Anne needs a status “A” hostage to trade, and Andrew Lincoln is leaving the show. Two more episodes to go before we say goodbye to the man who made this whole show worth watching. Are you ready for this? I’m not.

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