Gilbert Speaks on a Psychic/Medium’s Review of “Dragonfly”

27 Jul


Can the dead send messages? Dragonfly is a supernatural fantasy film that does an excellent job of describing just how powerful a spirit can be at getting a message to their loved ones. This film is definitely a keeper for my Granny’s Insomnia Theatre.


Dragonfly, directed by Tom Shadyac and starring Kevin Costner, Linda Hunt, Kathy Bates, and Susanna Thompson, is about a husband dealing with his grief after losing his pregnant wife in a freak accident.


Dr. Emily Darrow (Susanna Thompson), who is seven months pregnant, travels to Venezuela to help the indigenous people of the Amazon area. While there, a monsoon causes a landslide, which sends the bus carrying her and the other Red Cross volunteers into the raging river below. Her body is never located and the consensus is that her corpse was washed away in the flood.

Dr. Joe Darrow (Kevin Costner) has not allowed himself time to grieve, and to his troubled friends, it appears that Joe is slowly going mad. Joe is beginning to see dragonflies all over the place. Emily loved dragonflies while alive, but when her dragonfly paperweight rolls across the room by itself, Joe at first doesn’t connect the dots. It isn’t until he is doing rounds at the hospital and checks in on Emily’s patients that things get really weird. While there, a child is brought into the emergency room and dies. As soon as Joe approaches the child the boy, who never met Emily, revives and gives Joe a message from Emily.


Joe doesn’t understand the message or the drawings the boy has been doing of a curvy cross. Joe also doesn’t understand the boy’s message to go to the rainbow, and it’s not just the hospital that weird things are happening. Joe’s parrot is also communicating with an unknown force. Luckily, Joe does have someone to talk to, and although Joe’s next door neighbor, Miriam (Kathy Bates) doesn’t believe in ghosts; she does try to help Joe grieve.

Joe is beginning to freak out his fellow medical staff and friends, and soon he is asked to take a long sabbatical. Before he makes plans to go on a rafting trip, he is able to speak with a controversial nun, Sister Madeline (Linda Hunt). Sister Madeline has been doing her own research on near-death experiences. She tells Joe that Emily is trying to contact him. I would have thought he’d get the message after his dead wife unpacked and hung all her clothing back inside the closet.


I really connected to this film, and I watch it every single time it is on television. It offers the best example of what I go through as a psychic/medium. The veil between life and death is as thin as a baby’s breath. Our loved ones are constantly trying to connect with us in order to offer their support and to warn us. We all have the gift, but if our energy isn’t high enough to connect with a spirit’s energy, you won’t pick up on their presence. Think of how a radio works. You need to tune in that radio dial just right to pick up the music.

After many failures, Emily is finally able to get Joe to understand her messages. Joe goes to South America and hires a pilot (Jacob Vargas), who takes him to the village where the semi-flooded bus sits precariously on river rocks. After Joe almost drowns while investigating the bus, his wife shows him that she did not die in the crash. Excited that the villagers may have saved Emily, Joe visits the Yanomani people. This is a real tribe in South America. A native woman tells Joe that they could not save Emily’s body, but they did save her soul. Joe meets his infant daughter, who is not only beautiful and well taken care of, but she has a birthmark in the shape of a dragonfly.


Our loved ones will do whatever they need to do to get your attention. They will send signs, or they will visit you in dreams. They may be on the other side, but they are still very much invested in protecting their living relatives. My father and mother constantly bring messages, and when I’m not paying attention; they knock stuff off shelves.

Watch the film.

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