Gilbert Speaks on “The Expanse” S03 E01

12 Apr


The Roci is back, but the crew is in trouble. Naomi did the unthinkable and gave the Belt a fighting chance. Weapons of Destruction is an old song that still has us hiding under our school desks…only people my age will get this reference…As I’m doing this review, our president is threatening to launch smart and biggly missiles towards Syria. Does having the protomolecule really give the people of the Belt a fighting advantage? Welcome back to the cast and writers of “The Expanse

Fight or Flight

I love good Sci-fi shows. I grew up during the 50’s and 60’s where every Saturday my siblings and me walked the five city blocks to the neighborhood theatre for the scheduled Creature Double Feature. There were plenty of “B” rated science fiction films offered too. I love science fiction so much, that my first four books (The Roof Oasis Series) are all about aliens, time travel, and the apocalypse. When a good sci-fi series comes around, I do all in my power to promote the show. The Expanse is one of the two shows that I swear by with Colony coming in a close second.

On the opening episode for season 3, Amos (Wes Chatham), Alex (Cas Anvar), and Holden (Steven Strait) are really upset with Naomi (the fabulous Dominique Tipper). Instead of destroying the protomolecule, she made sure that Fred Johnson took possession. I understand her actions. Mars and Earth have been treating the citizens of the asteroid belt like a slave state, but now, Fred Johnson has a bargaining chip. Everybody is talking war.

The only one not mad at Naomi is Prax, who is grieving the loss of his little girl, Mei. He thinks that the hybrid creature that was killed in season 2 was his daughter. With the armies of Earth and Mars hunting for them, the crew of the Rocinante has to change the ships identification code…and give the ship a new name, “Contorta” which is the name of a pine that can only spread its seeds by dying in a fire. Naomi convinces Amos and Alex to head towards Tycho. The crew is unaware that their attempt to cleanse all traces of the hybrid creature has failed.

Fred Johnson

I’ve been following Chad L. Coleman’s career ever since I met him at Monster Mania in Cherry Hill New Jersey. He was playing the character of Tyreese on “The Walking Dead” and I did an article about meeting him and the young man who plays Carl on the show. Coleman’s Tycho is a decent leader who wants to protect his people. He sends a video message Anderson Dawes that he has the protomolecule, but can Johnson trust Dawes? Johnson needs Drummer’s help, but she is really pissed and blames him for getting shot. Luckily for Johnson, he is able to talk Drummer into leading a mission to salvage the Nauvoo, a Mormon ship. It looks like Johnson is trying to gather a few allies as leverage.


I saved the best for last. Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo) is a hard woman to like. She is a true politician who always keeps a few Aces up her sleeve in any poker game she is playing with Errinwright (Shawn Doyle). On last season, Avasarala’s trip to Mao’s ship, she Cotyar and Draper were ambushed. While Errinwright feeds some bullshit to Secretary-General Gillis about his love for Avasarala. He is really trying to convince Gillis that Avasarala is a traitor and he wants Gillis to command the first attack against Mars. Gillis believes Errinwright and considers Avasarala an enemy of the state.


Don’t count Avasarala out of the game that quickly because she has two sidekicks that rock! Cotyar is badly injured, but Avasarala treats his wounds. There is a playful bond between these two that leaves you wondering…

Draper (Frankie Adams), who is one kick-ass Marine, is another of my favorite characters. After finding Theo, she puts him to work helping them get off the ship before launched missiles reach them. Theo gets Avasarala the needed proof that Errinwright is the real traitor, before Avasarala, Draper, Cotyar and Theo can safely jettison away from the explosion.


Draper’s use of the mechanical suit is amazing to watch, especially because, in real life, the military is working on and, probably already has a robotic suit that enables their soldiers to do superhuman activities: lifting extremely heavy objects; protecting soldiers from serious harm during battle. Draper is someone you want on your side in any battle.


The bond between Amos and Alex is strained. Alex thinks of the crew as family. He misses his own family and wonders if they are safe. Everyone is wary of Naomi and that’s a shame because they are really all good people who are trying to do what is right for humanity.


Naomi’s wish to head to Tycho gets sidetracked when Holden decides that they need to look for Prax’s daughter. I’m not sure if this decision was made because of Holden’s inability to get a good cup of coffee, especially knowing how I am when I don’t have coffee, but Holden assures Naomi that this decision is not payback.


This was a great episode and one hell of a good start for season three, but I wonder what is going to happen to the Roci/Contorta if that blue slime begins to spread.

Gilbert’s advice: Watch this series!


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