Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S08 E14

2 Apr


While Maggie counts the graves of lost comrades, this week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” has Carol searching for someone in the forest, while Rick and Morgan find themselves in the company of strangers. Can Rosita and Daryl fight the Saviors without ammo? What’s going on with Jadis and Negan? Are you ready for the big Survival Sunday Crossover coming out at selected theatres on April 15?

Still Gotta Mean Something

This episode is all about forgiveness, and a man’s word. Lucille? I thought that bat from hell was burned up in the fire when Rick and Negan fought, but there she is, right in the hands of Jadis. Our queen of junk has Negan all trussed up, and her suitcase packed. Is she going on vacation? Did Jaden have Negan in her possession while Simon’s men were killing the junkyard people? I am a bit confused with this timeline, but damn!


Ezekiel has feelings for Carol, but with Henry missing, Carol’s heart is sealed closed. I love Ezekiel because he is so freaking honest. It’s takes a big man to give credit where credit is due. He tells Carol that she stopped his cowardness, but Carol is having a problem dealing with the possibility that Henry is dead. When Morgan goes looking for the prisoners who escaped, Carol joins him. Carol has to find Henry. She has to know if the boy is dead. Morgan feels that the boy is dead, then tells Carol that he doesn’t die. He just watches everybody else die. Morgan leaves Carol to look for the escaped prisoners.

Tara is trying to explain to Daryl that Dwight most likely saved her life. She was the only one that was injured that did not turn. But Daryl is not in the forgiving mood. Maggie is worried about their supply of ammo, but Rosita wants to get the bullet maker, Eugene. It’s going to take ammo to steal Eugene from that factory. Should they listen to Daryl and go hand to hand combat?


I was surprised to learn that even though Rick had read Negan’s letter to Negan, that he never read letter that was meant for him. Michonne reads her letter, but even when she asks Rick to read what Carl wrote to her, he refuses. Rick is too filled with hate to forgive, even if it was Carl’s dying wish. So when Rick and Morgan get together, they are both out for revenge. There is no talk of forgiveness between these two warriors. While distancing themselves from a herd, they are captured by Jared (Joshua Mikel) and the other escaped prisoners.


Before Rick goes out to hunt down the prisoners, Alden (Callan McAuliffe) pleads with Rick to give his friends a chance to come back. The other prisoners made the wrong choice, that’s all…but while Jared wants to take Rick to Negan…the other prisoners, some injured, want to go back to Hilltop, especially after Rick gives his word that they will be treated well.


Pollyanna McIntosh’s Jadis in an enigma and, she lives in a cool tiny house right in the middle of the junkyard. Jadis may live amongst the piles of rubbish and debris, and she might be dressed in military clothing, but under the façade is an innocence dressed up in white. She could have killed Negan, but she didn’t. He was trussed up, and food for any walker who needed a snack but…Negan, like Morgan, doesn’t die. Negan tells Jadis the importance of Lucille. It is the only reminder of his wife.


Negan is definitely upset that Simon disobeyed him and killed the junkyard folk, and he does promise Jadis that he will deal with Simon, but can Jadis trust him. Is Negan a man of his word. Jadis has lost her people and without them, she has lost her identity. All she has left are those photos of a past life. That helicopter that Jadis was trying to leave with is connected to Fear the Walking Dead, but more on that later.


Carol was afraid that she would find Henry either dead or turned, but still she searched for the boy, rescuing him from swamp walkers. Ezekiel is happy that Henry was found, and he and Carol talk about her daughter. Carol, played by the fabulous Melissa McBride, has had to reinvent herself over eight seasons. Out of everyone on Team Rick, Carol keeps her word. She says what she means, and does what she promises.


Rick on the other hand, has not followed Carl’s wishes. Maybe it’s because he’s never read that letter. He promised those prisoners that he was a man of his word. He wasn’t. He and Morgan killed those men even though they went against Jared. He and Morgan killed those men even though they saved Rick and Morgan from the herd. Morgan tells Rick that the only reason he saved him in S01 was because his son was with him. Ouch! Sorry Rick, it wasn’t your charming smile.

While Rosita and Daryl spy on Eugene, Negan, who was released by Jadis, picks up someone on the road. Who was it? Don’t know but he doesn’t want his men to tell anyone that he’s back. I think Negan is going to keep his word to Jadis.

Rick, on the other hand, did not keep his word, but he is finally reading Carl’s letter. It might be too late.


I promised to tell you about the “Survival Sunday Crossover” event on April 15th Some movie theaters will be hosting the season finale of The Walking Dead followed by Fear the Walking Dead’s Season 4 premiere. Lenny James’ Morgan meets the Clark family. This is going to be big!

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