Gilbert Speaks on Jack Flacco’s Book On Forgiveness

28 Mar


I’ve know Jack Flacco for several years, and I’ve even interviewed him for my Gilbert Curiosities Blog. We are authors. We both loved writing about zombies, but recently, we’ve journeyed from the domain of the apocalypse and into the spiritual realm. Where I use my psychic/medium gifts to lead people back to GOD, Jack is using his blogs, his ministry and his latest book to reconnect to a loving Creator. Join me now as I ask Jack about his new book, When Forgiveness is Enough: Making Sense of God’s Calling.

Marie: Hi Jack. It is a pleasure to interview you again. Tell my readers a little bit about your writing career and the books you’ve written?


Jack Flacco: Long before publication, a good chunk of my writing life was romance, which yielded a book called The Necklace. I had written it over several years, between having kids and maintaining a home.

I became serious about writing once I had considered putting together a series that had absolutely nothing to do with romance and everything to do with horror. Three books came from that decision: Ranger Martin and the Zombie Apocalypse, Ranger Martin and the Alien Invasion, and Ranger Martin and the Search for Paradise. In support of those books, I wrote blog posts dedicated to zombies, the apocalypse and anything to do with horror. All that I had written, however, was a precursor to what I am writing about now: forgiveness and reconciliation through Christ Jesus.

JF 1

I think, had I not written about horror, I would not have had the contrast to know what was right and wrong. The culmination of that transformation I had captured in the book When Forgiveness Is Enough. The idea is that as Christians, we have God’s grace and it is more than enough for salvation. Of course, we need to believe that Jesus is the son of God, but we do not have to do anything special to earn salvation, because we cannot earn salvation. That is the ultimate message of my book and the gospel.

Marie: What inspired you to write the Ranger Martin Series?

Jack Flacco: I began writing the Ranger Martin series for National Novel Writing Month in 2011. The character came from a dream I had one night about a former truck driver who survives the zombie apocalypse and decides to seek revenge for all the loved ones he had lost by wanting to rid the world of the undead. His idea, or his brand of justice, was to find, kill, and remove any semblance of non-human off the face of the planet. With him was a group of kids helps him achieve his quest for a better life. At the time, I really was looking for a superhero to look up to, and to me, Ranger Martin was that superhero.


Marie: You have switched genres and have now written a book about forgiveness. Can you explain how you went from fighting zombies to writing a book called “When Forgiveness Is Enough

Jack Flacco: I had written about zombies for a good four years before I decided I needed a change. I think it was while I was writing Ranger Martin and the Search for Paradise that I began to look at things differently. It could have been because much of that book had to do with reconciliation that the writing process prodded me to stay in a mindset of constant forgiveness. So when I finished the series, I could feel that I had not shaken that attitude of reconciliation and forgiveness.

At the same time, the bible soon became the central focus of my life that I looked to it for knowledge and comfort. For two years after finishing my last Ranger Martin book did I decide that I wanted to capture my thoughts on paper about forgiveness.

The funny thing about the whole thing was that I had no idea where this book would lead, which eventually it did lead to giving sermons at my church.

Marie: Did you draw from your Ranger Martin Series in your search for GOD?

Jack Flacco: Once I completed writing my Ranger Martin series, I had a lot of time on my hands to do other things. One of the goals on my bucket list has always been to read the bible from cover to cover. Throughout my life, I had intentions to do it, but things had always gotten in the way. Looking back, I think much of that had to do with me not wanting to draw closer to God, as it would have meant I would have had to change the way I was living my life.


Just the same, I picked up a bible-reading plan online and started it, hoping to have it done within a year. Sure enough, I completed the task in one year, the English Standard Version, and began another plan soon after that. I am now reading the bible cover to cover a fourth time, gleaning tidbits of knowledge from one day to the next with God leading me through the experience.

Marie: Tell us a bit about your ministry and do you intend to write another book?

Jack Flacco: My ministry is comprised of writing and speaking, although recently I have also dedicated a portion of my time to help the homeless in Toronto. I deliver regular sermons at my church and lead in Youth ministry there as well.

My biggest goal is to bring people to Jesus by sharing how Christ’s death and resurrection fulfilled the scriptures and made the throne of God accessible to everyone. Our prayers are like sweet incense to God and my desire is for that sweet incense to overwhelm us with an attitude of loving God and loving others as much as ourselves.

The next book I am writing I am focusing on church governance and true love. The idea of a unified body in Christ is something that is moving me to reach out to other churches in an effort to draw them closer to each other, as opposed for every church to remain autonomous. It just does not make sense to me that we believe in Jesus as our savior, but doctrine separates us from each other.

I hope that within the next several years I will be able to give you an update on my progress!

Marie: Thank you Jack, and I wish you the best with your book and your ministry.

As a side note for my readers, I had wanted to do this interview on Jack for some time now. It’s funny how “life” leads us down certain paths. Zombies are frightful creatures, but their popularity in books, film, and television, guarantees that these stumbling flesh eaters will be with us for a long time. Why are zombies so popular? I think it has to do with the hopelessness that people feel in an uncaring and corrupt world. In reality, we are the zombies. What Jack has done with his book, When Forgiveness is Enough, and what I’m doing with my spiritual readings and blog is reminding everyone that we are not alone, and that GOD has our backs. No matter how frightening the real world is, GOD will never turn away from us. Love and light to all of you, and buy Jack’s books.

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