Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S08 E07

4 Dec


With Rick a prisoner of the Queen of Trash, Negan is frantic to protect the Sanctuary. Dwight tries to convince Eugene to choose a side, and we are one episode away from the mid-season hiatus. I have so many questions, but will I like the answers? Find out after the jump

Time for After

On last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” we were introduced to a new character (Siddiq). His reason for killing walkers was based on compassion. He was releasing their souls. This was one of the most insightful revelations made since Dr. Jenner told Rick that everyone carried the virus. We are so wrapped up in the living, that we forget that the walkers are still human, mindless eating machines, but still human, and perhaps Siddiq is right…he has to release their souls from the virus that keeps them bound to earth. We also learned on “The Talking Dead that Morgan is crossing over to “Fear the Walking Dead


What does this mean for the loyal fans of both series? Is time travel involved? Is this Morgan before he found Rick at Alexandria? I know Lennie James’ fan appeal makes him the best choice to connect the dots between both series, but…is it at the expense of TWD storyline? I guess we’ll have to wait before making any judgments.


This lady is missing a few days of the week. She’s into sculpture as we’ve witnessed since meeting her and her messy tribe, but now she wants to go big time. When Rick (who should have never gone there in the first place) asks why Jadis is taking so many photos or why she has an artist doing sketches of him, her only reply is, “After.” It just doesn’t make sense for Rick to walk into that trap without backup. I’m curious about the history of Jadis and what makes her tick.


Eugene (Josh McDermitt) knows that Dwight is the spy in the ointment, but he’s not ready to blab to Negan yet. When he asks Dwight (Austin Amelio) to stop his activities, Dwight reminds Eugene that the Saviors are in a bad place and that no one will get out of Sanctuary alive. Eugene, for now, keeps Dwight’s activities from Negan.


Tonight’s episode is a study on the fallacy of being safe. When Dr. Carson tells Eugene to stay with the dying Reverend Gage, Eugene hesitates. Is it because Gabe is a reminder of happier days back at Alexandria? When Gabe tells Dwight that he needs to trust in God and do the right thing, Dwight ignores him. Why is Gabe sick? Did he contact something from the walker guts smeared on him?

Everything we see tonight is a character study between those who do what’s right and those who don’t. There is an old saying, “A coward dies a thousand deaths, a hero only one.” Eugene is a weak man who is attracted to powerful men starting with Abraham and ending with Negan. Eugene will do everything in his power to stay vertical in a world where many comrades go quickly horizontal. But, his cowardly lion act doesn’t go unnoticed as when the one of Negan’s women blames Eugene for not killing Negan when he had the chance. What is surprising is that even when Eugene had a gun pointed at his head, he didn’t hesitate to launch the musical glider. Is Eugene only capable of bravery when trying to please someone he looks up to? You have to give Eugene credit for his MacGyver attitude when he thought up a cool way to draw the walkers away from Sanctuary?


Dwight has his reasons to see Negan dead, but Eugene believes that Negan’s not the dying type. The scene with the handshake was hilarious and sad at the same time. Eugene is being played by Negan and he doesn’t care. Eugene might not do what’s right, but he is an expert at staying alive… at least for now, he hasn’t ratted on Dwight yet.


When civilization is circling the drain, people will act in one of two ways: They will either play fair, or like Negan, they take what they can. Daryl and Tara are not following Rick’s plan anymore. While Morgan plays sniper, Daryl intends to use his trash truck as a weapon. They want Michonne to join them, but after careful consideration, Michonne decides to stick to the original plan and heads home. Daryl’s plan works and the invading walkers do great harm to Negan’s men, but it may have also backfired as promotional scenes for next week’s episode reveal.


Rick took a chance with Jadis and for that he was locked up in a trailer, then forced to fight a “Pin Head” walker. Jadis didn’t expect Rick to win, but he did and now she has promised to fight with the good guys. Her price: some of the gains from the battle and, Rick to pose nude for her next sculpture. Why would Rick even trust Jadis? She’s a mercenary.

Next week is the 90 minute mid-season finale and I don’t think it’s going to end on a happy note.


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