Gilbert Speaks on “The Walking Dead” S08 E05

20 Nov


We lost people last week, and most of it was due to overconfidence. Never celebrate during a battle. On last week’s episode of “The Walking Dead” Ezekiel had to remind his people that he’s just some guy, and nothing more. Aren’t the real superheroes always just some guy…some guy that wants to make the world a better place…some guy that stands his ground and does the right thing. This week, we check on Negan and Father Gabriel. Who will save them from the horde: God or Lucille? Find out after the jump

The Big Scary U

I’m still feeling upset over Shiva’s death, but more so this week after learning that the “Orange One” lifted the ban on animal trophies because when you’re a rich, greedy bastard, you can do whatever you want, even when it’s a despicable act. I guess no one gave #45 the message that the measure of a man’s soul is based on how he treats women, babies and animals. Tonight’s episode has us wondering if even a despicable man is worthy of forgiveness.


Let’s start with slimy Gregory. In a flashback served where Simon serves him pancakes, we watch as Gregory covers his butt, but his promises that he can control the people of Hilltop fall on deaf ears. Negan knows better… but then Team Rick and his merry men show up at the door.

God vs Lucille

All this time, we’ve wondered if Gabe (Seth Gilliam) was still alive. Not only is Gabe alive, but he’s ready to hear Negan’s confession. All Gabe wants is a death that is not fruitless, and he wants a purpose to his life. Negan wants to save his people, but the hungry horde outside the trailer is making that near impossible. Even though Jeffrey Dean Morgan played his Negan as a mean “Son of a bitch” there was still a mystery about him: something almost likeable. Did Negan have any regrets for all the people that he’s killed?


If people think the dialogue between Negan and Gabe was a waste of time, then they don’t understand psychological terror, or the face of fear. What scares you? Negan fears the loss of his people. In his mind, they are only safe from harm as long as he lives. He doesn’t sweat the murders that he’ committed. In his mind, all deaths were necessary. Negan’s love of killing people comes from his need to save them…or so he claims.

Gabe has his own confession to make, but first, he tries to get into Negan’s head. Was Gabe looking for a weakness? I doubt that Negan is shy about any weaknesses that he may have. Gabe tells Negan how he betrayed his congregation; locking them outside of the church and to their fate as he hid inside. Right before the Sanctuary walkers begin to tear the trailer apart. Gabe does get Negan to confess to the one thing he regrets.


With Negan out of the picture, his right hand man is faced with a workers’ rebellion. Was Simon (Steven Ogg) the original leader of Sanctuary before Negan took over? The flashback remark from Negan about Simon backsliding makes me think so. Simon and the other soldiers think Negan is dead and, they also think that the Sanctuary has a spy.


We all know that it’s Dwight, but in tonight’s episode, Eugene gets suspicious when he delivers his jug-of-thank-you-pickles to Dwight. Those chess pieces are the dead give-a-way. The workers are planning a revolution and Simon has to come up with a plan.


I don’t like the fight between Rick and Daryl. The last thing we need now is a split within the group. Maybe it’s because Rick and Daryl believe that Carol and Ezekiel are dead, but I didn’t like the fight. And, what are your thoughts about that helicopter that flew over Rick? Is that copter from Fear the Walking Dead?


Eugene knows that Dwight is the spy. Will he rat him out? Can we even trust Eugene at this point? Simon is loyal to Negan, but he doesn’t have what is needed to deal with the angry worker mob.

We’ve seen a softer side of Negan. Well, as soft as we’ll ever get. Gabe is pretty much up in Negan’s face about getting the man to confess his sins. While Gabe seeks redemption; Negan feels that he is the redemption.

Negan tells Gabe that he had a wife, and that he’d done her wrong. Negan cheated on his wife, and later, after the apocalypse started and his wife got sick, Negan was unable to kill her after she turned. Negan may have a harem, but I do believe that his heart belongs to his first love and that his betrayal to her is still haunting him.


Negan did not kill Gabe and that’s because in Negan’s world, people are considered resources…you know, just like chickens or cows. Even though we’ve seen the characters smear themselves with walker guts multiple times, Negan’s description of said ‘guts’ drove the horror of what they were about to do home. In the end, God and Lucille joined forces as Gabe and Negan fought their way to safety just in time for Negan to quell the rebellion.

We are left with two dilemmas for this episode. Will Eugene betray Dwight? Did Gabe get bitten?

See you next week, my little walker snacks, but until I do, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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