Gilbert Speaks on “Grim Philly Twilight Tours”

13 Nov

Grim Philly Serial Killer Tour

Usually, when I mention historic and tours in the same sentence, the normal response from friends and family is, “I’m not a history person.” People tend to think of history as boring. What if I told you about a tour company that not only makes history exciting, but they give you the accurate lowdown on important information that isn’t normally found in other walking tours? Meet me after the jump to learn about Grim Philly Twilight Tours.

Joe Wojie

Did you know that Philadelphia had its own collection of serial killers, or that the famous Lewis and Clark expedition depended on Philadelphia for many of its supplies and expertise for their long journey? Do you like ghost tours, pirates, or does your cup tea involve a tour about sex and scandals? I’ve written other articles about Grim Philly and the man who started the tours, Joe Wojie, on my Gilbertcuriosities blog.


This past weekend, my friend Michelle and I decided to go on a tour called “Serial Killers and Cemetery Tour.” We met for the tour outside of the Philadelphia Visitor’s Center on 6th and Market Streets. Our tour guide gathered the group of thirty participants for an introduction on what to expect during the tour. This was a walking tour so everyone in the crowd was dressed warmly, and wore comfortable shoes.

Joe Wojie is a university professor who teaches history. His tours, which include traditional Philadelphia history, cover a diverse range of subjects: serial killers, vampires, sex, aphrodisiacs, ghost hunting, grave robbing, gangsters, 1920 speakeasies, pirates and the Jersey Devil. The tours are tailored for adults and are raw and uncensored.


Our tour guide, Ted Sisco, is a history teacher who gave us accurate and fun facts about killers who made Philadelphia their home or stopping place: H.H. Holmes, Harrison Graham, Gary M. Heidnik and his house of horrors, and Marie Noe who was responsible for the deaths of eight of her infant children. We also stopped at the Christ Church Cemetery where Ben Franklin and Dr. Benjamin Rush are buried. While there, we learned all about the art of grave robbing.


It was quite an enjoyable experience, thanks to our wonderful tour guide, and I would recommend this tour to all my adult friends and family. The tour ended at the JJ Bootleggers Pub for a complementary drink.


The price is only thirty-five dollars. As an extra treat, Michelle and I got to see the beautiful Lit Brothers building on Market Street all lit up in pink. I will definitely be booking more tours with Grim Philly….You should, too. A Grim Philly Tour would make a great holidays or birthday gift.



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