Gilbert Speaks on “Fear the Walking Dead” S03 E14

9 Oct


On this week’s episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” Nick and Troy follow Alicia with hopes of getting her to change her mind. Ofelia reveals a secret to the others, and Strand makes a deal. Find out what happened after the jump

El Matadero

The title speaks of a slaughterhouse, but towards the middle of this episode its meaning hits you between the eyes like a well-aimed bullet. Madison’s children are rebelling against her in their own unique way. With Alicia, we know she’s got the brains to survive, and even though Nick and Troy try to convince her to return with them, Alicia reminds him that there is no guarantee of safety in numbers. It’s an illusion and every person is really screwed, and on their own.


While scavenging for food in a burger joint, Alicia is forced to hide in a ball pit seconds after finding a tub of potatoes. Keep in mind that Rick Grimes is just waking up in the world of TWD, and it’s only been weeks since the apocalypse began, so finding that tub of potatoes isn’t as unlikely as it seems.

I’ve taken my grandchildren to burger joints that have ball pits, and I’ve always feared the nasty germs that my little ones could pick up while in those pits. Do we really trust the staff to wash those balls clean? Not likely, but germs are the least of Alicia’s problems as she is attacked by an infected little girl. It had to be hard for Alicia to kill that child, but she didn’t have time to mull over it because she is surprised to watch a pickaxe swinging warrior walk into the burger joint. The stranger kills, then collects the fingers and teeth of the infected. The stranger, not knowing that Alicia is inside the ball pit, takes the tub of potatoes And that my friends, is how friendships are formed during the apocalypse.


After Ofelia, who is looking forward to see her father once again, falls from the back of the tanker, Madison and the others are shocked to see the bite wound on her shoulder. They are devastated as are we viewers. I know Mercedes Mason is pregnant and, I know that she is looking forward to the birth of her baby, but I’m not sure if she wanted off the series, or if the producers of FTWD consider pregnancy a pre-existing condition. Madison and Strand are able to sneak Ofelia pass the guards at the Trading Outpost where they are to meet with Lola and Daniel.


Madison, who does not communicate well with her own children, is the model mother figure for Troy and Ofelia. Madison stays with Ofelia and tends to Ofelia’s sickness with plenty of love and pain pills in hopes of keeping the girl alive. But don’t give Madison a medal for #1 Mom yet. This shrewd lady is also hoping to keep Ofelia alive because she’s afraid that Daniel might not allow them to live at the damn. Madison, in my opinion, is the female version of TWD’s Governor. Everything she does is based on her coming out on top of the situation.


What is that rascally hunk of burning love up to in this episode? Strand argues with Madison about wasting valuable resources on Ofelia. Later Strand is captured by a few disgruntled guards that are happy to kill Strand right there, but Strand asks to speak to John Proctor. What is Strand willing to trade for his life? This doesn’t bode well for Madison’s plans.


I saved this character for last. When you deal with addiction within your own family, you know deep down in your heart that staying clean is almost humanly impossible. The temptations are always there to trip you up, and no matter how much that family member tells you that they are clean…that next fix is just around the corner. This is my opinion. I know there are success stories out there, but after losing a beloved nephew to a drug overdose, I truly believe that drugs are the apocalypse that we live in now.

Nick offers to give Madison a break from caring for Ofelia, but the Vicoden pills are too tempting and he takes one. It just takes the one pill and that feeling of total oblivion that sends Nick looking for the fabled “Slaughter-house.” Troy, the one normally giving orders, has found himself in uncharted territory when Nick cajoles him into coming to the den of drugs.


Alicia finds, then befriends the pick-axe warrior. Her name is Diana (Edwina Findley Dickerson). Over a dish of hot potatoes, Diana and Alicia bond. They have both come to the conclusion that they can survive on their own, but by the end of the episode, they become a team. It is hard to be a hermit when you are fighting the dead. We all need a Diana, or Alicia, or Carol, or Michonne to watch our backs. The apocalypse is a sport that works well with a team mentality.


Nick and Troy get high on the brain-stem-cells of a pig. Then they take on a herd of infected by blending in. Troy is amazed that the smeared blood on his face and clothing allows him to party with the infected. They do this as Ofelia breaths her last breath. Daniel never gets to say goodbye to Ofelia. She died seconds before he drives up to the trading post. Madison tells Daniel his daughter’s last message, before Daniel kills the infected Ofelia. It is a heartbreaking scene but I’m happy that Daniel was the one to put Ofelia out of her walking death.


El Matadero is a perfect name for this episode. Slaughter comes in many forms, via a bite or a pill. Nick and Troy might as well be infected because the use of drugs is similar to the disease that caused the apocalypse. Nick’s offer to stay at the trading post to help secure a toehold for future trades doesn’t trick Madison. She knows that one of Ofelia’s pills was missing.

Daniel tells Madison that she, Walker and Strand can return with him, but Strand might have already sold them down the river. Next week is the two-hour long season finale. It has been confirmed that there will be a crossover between The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. Will it happen next week?

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