Gilbert Speaks on “The Oneness of It All” with Author Maryann Pino Miller

2 Oct


I first met Maryann Pino Miller when I attended a few classes at The Center, Life in Balance. After getting to know more about Maryann, we spoke about her book. Maryann was kind enough to give me her book as a gift. I truly enjoyed reading The Oneness of It All. There is power and beauty in our words. Join me now as I chat with the author.

Gilbert: I really enjoyed reading your book. Could you please tell my readers a little bit about yourself and especially about your journey as a spiritual teacher, awareness coach, certified hypnotist, and past-life explorations.

Maryann Pino Miller: Hi Marie, thank you so much for giving me this opportunity to share my first book with your readers.


Writing a book was never on my bucket list. Though a psychic had told me that she saw me writing books.  I laughed.  At that time I was in the business world working in administration in a manufacturing company.  This career followed on the heels of my first…educator.  I taught elementary physical education at a time when it was just getting to that level.  A move from NJ area to Louisiana eventually led me to my masters and becoming an elementary school administrator.

As we know life has many twists and turns. A divorce in 1997 certainly twisted mine.  But it was not until 2007 when I retired that I found the time to deal with all my hurts.  Hurts that had started in my early childhood and just kept growing and intertwining.

I spent the next 2-1/2 years getting my PhD with God. I read, took workshops, journaled, meditated, cried, screamed, beat pillows, worked with 3 mentors and developed my intuition.  At the end of that time I knew I needed to share what I had learned.  Since I loved teaching, I became a certified Heal Your Life teacher, a program developed by Louise Hay.


In 2011 I began two businesses…one my own, Consciously Living, and one with my business partner, Susan Drummond, NJBalance Wellness Center, now The Center, Life in Balance.

As I worked with the workshop material, I noticed that no matter the reason a person came, the underlying issue was self-love. My work focused on healing the Inner Child. This child was all confused, looking for love, wanting to be seen, heard, hugged, comforted and the list goes on.  The adult could now give all this to her/his inner child.  And there needed to be a lot a reprogramming.  Besides clearing the hurts and misunderstandings, we worked with self-talk, using affirmations to remind the present day mind of the new thinking.  Sometimes a client needed a little help in this area. This led me to become certified in Hypnosis.  I could write a script with the new thinking the clients wanted.

I also became certified in past life regression and Emotion Code. Each of these healing modalities approached the hurt issues from a different angle.

As I continued to work, I began to see myself as a spiritual teacher. It wasn’t enough to clear out the hurts.  There are spiritual laws at work in our lives and in the universe.  Knowing these laws and playing with them makes a very big difference in the quality of our lives and in creating the life of our dreams.

Gilbert: How does past-life exploration help your clients? 

Maryann Pino Miller: It is conceivable that an issue being dealt with in this lifetime has existed in other lifetimes. If that is the case, it helps this lifetime if it can be released from the other lifetimes.

Gilbert: You are the co-owner of The Center, Life in Balance. Can you tell my readers why services and classes are provided at this facility?

Maryann Pino Miller: NJ Balance Wellness Center opened in Medford on Jan 1, 2011. There were three of us. We had our private clients and we offered group workshops and gatherings.  Within two years, our third partner had to leave and we were guided to expand and be more visible.  This meant moving to Main Street.  This gave us the space to have a metaphysical gift shop and an office to rent to other healers.  We also offered more workshops and events as we had a larger gathering space.  And we invited in others to share their expertise.

Within two years of being on Main Street, we were guided to go bigger. We were told we needed to provide space for new healers to begin their businesses.  We were guided to the building right next door, a now closed bed & breakfast.  It had nine bedrooms that would become the offices for more healers to branch out. It also had the perfect spot for our metaphysical gift shop and we could open a café to make healthy eating available.

Our mission statement is to provide services and classes to balance body, mind and spirit. We now had all the ingredients so to speak to do so.  As we welcomed in practitioners we used our mission statement as our guide.  There are now 15 of us (offices are shared), Heart Space Gift Shop & Creativity Studio and Marie’s Café.

So I guess in answer to why we offer what we do…we were guided by spirit to do so.

Our services include acupuncture, massage, Reiki, hypnosis, past life regression, numerology, intuitive guidance, angel card readings, skin care, sound healing, energy work, raindrop therapy, awareness coaching, foot reflexology, paint classes, Tai Chi/QiGong.   We also offer a wide variety of workshops, classes and events…all geared to help a person balance body, mind, spirit.

Gilbert: What was the inspiration for this book?

Maryann Pino Miller: Actually I wasn’t inspired to write this book…I was told to write it by my guides via a psychic friend.  Another confirmed this and gave me more details.  My guides knew there would be no way they could convince me by just telling me.  I would doubt it from here to high heaven.  So they used two friends to get through to me.

Now, it did make sense to me in an odd kind of way. Ever since I began playing with my self-talk and coaching others to be aware of theirs, I became very aware of the words I was using and wondering what they meant to me and were they conveying the feeling and new thinking I was aiming for.

Gilbert: Can you go more into detail about the power of words and how it can help or harm us?

Maryann Pino Miller: I believe we can say the power of words goes all the way back to the beginning of time and space as we know it. God said let there be light and there was light.  The sound of and words used created the light.  And so on from there.

For us, it helps if we remember that we are creative beings. Most of us believe we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  As spiritual beings, made in the image and likeness of God or, if you prefer, of the same energy as the source of all, we are creative as well.  Hence sounds created by our words and feelings create our life as we know it.

From the science perspective, we know that everything is energy and like energy attracts like energy. We also know our thoughts, words and feelings are energy as all can be recorded by instrumentation.

As energy beings, we each have a vibration that is constantly shifting based on our current thoughts, words and feelings and our past hurts, misunderstanding, beliefs that have lead us to think, feel and believe what we do about ourselves, life and the world.

So the words we think and speak are helping to shift our energy vibration. It becomes a matter of loving ourselves and our lives or not.  If loving, keep thinking and speaking as you are; if not, change your thoughts and words to create the loving life you deserve.

My guides pointed out in the introduction to the book that they saw this as a dictionary. They took words like love, truth, justice, acceptance, allowance, divine feminine, fear, darkness, power, expanding them into concepts that would pack an energy to help us evolve into the fifth dimension of consciousness.  Just having the book around shifts the energy.  Reading it shifts the energy.  As a person absorbs the concepts, living by them, their vibration rises.  This lifts a person’s approach to life inviting in what God intended all along…heaven on earth.

Gilbert: This question is for Shiya Stone, the woman who did the madala illustrations. Hi Shiya. Thank you for joining us. Would you explain how you choose what mandala went with each word?

Shiya Stone~Truthfully there is no “choosing” in the process of creating the Mandalas. The space within a drawn circle holds endless possibilities. When we allow our intention to flow into that space, the space speaks back at a vibrational level. And the experience is a flowing of lines, shapes, form, and color into that space via my hand. I am just following the path created by the vibration of the Word.


The 11 Words that were used for the Mandalas were selected by simply reading over the words and letting them inspire me. The next phase was allowing the affirmation to be created by meditating on the Word and then creating the image.

Gilbert: Do the Mandalas have power of their own?

Shiya Stone: The images hold the vibrational language of the intention of the Word. This language is multidimensional and universal. It’s visual, it’s emotional, it’s mental, it’s consciousness. So we can interpret the Mandala on any level. We can “read” the colors, line, shape, and forms and interpret them, or we can feel through the energetic vibrations, or we can tap into the deeper consciousness and reach deeper Truths. These mandalas are the universe communication with you no matter where your consciousness may be. The interpretations are up to the viewer, or the one experiencing the Mandala. You are meant to get what is yours and as you revisit the images over time you will always find more because you are always evolving.

Gilbert: What is sacred geometry?

Shiya Stone: Sacred Geometry is a journey in understanding. At least for me it was. Simply finding a definition was not enough. Understanding Sacred geometry is an experience. This most simplest way to explain what is it is to say, “Sacred Geometry is vibration/frequency in form.” Vibration is intention sent by the Universe, or God. When the Bible explains that God spoke a Word and the Word became form. The Word is the Vibration, the type of Word is the Intention and the Form is the manifestation of that Word.

In the well know Sacred Geometry images of the Flower of Life and the Yin Yang symbol, we see this creation process and universal formula for the manifestation of vibration into form. Both images are within the circle which is God (universe, etc) The Flower of Life has an inner circle which represents the divide of vibration and formless substance. All form is created within God, Universe, etc. The Flower of Life is an extraordinary piece of Sacred Geometry with unlimited amount of dimensional to explore. The lessons are deep within.

The Yin Yang is an almost literal interpretation. Within God, Universe, etc, is the divide between Light, Energy, Spirit and Dark Matter. And the smaller circles convey the Truth that within God is Matter and within Matter is God. We are all One coming from the One Source.

Gilbert: Thank you Shiya for your contribution to this interview, and now, my last question for Maryann. Is there a second book in your plans?

Maryann Pino Miller: Yes, there is and quite possibly more. I’ve just completed my second book, Love, The Alpha and The Omega. Again I was guided to the subject matter…it would be about the seven levels of love.  I did not know there were 7 levels.  I was told seven is a significant number.  Still no resonance for me but I began writing and I must say it flowed very nicely.  It turned out to be my journey of discovering love…and more specifically…self-love, which continues to go even deeper.  So maybe that will be the gist of the third book.



Find the balance within you and check out The Oneness of It All and Love, The Alpha and The Omega. Both can be found Amazon.

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