Gilbert Speaks on “Midnight Texas” S01 E08-09

14 Sep


This past week we were given a double treat when Midnight Texas was featured on two separate nights. This little gem is reaching its season finale, and I’m hoping that there is a second season. Midnight Texas has all the gimmicks to succeed: broody protagonist; a town located on the edge of nowhere; a vampire; werewolf; a witch; a female assassin; and a gay fallen angel, but more importantly, this series offers a new monster each episode. Manfred has run away. Can Xylda get him to return to his destiny? Find out after the jump.

Last Temptation of Midnight

Granny Xylda is one hell of a cool ghost. In this episode we watch how she guided the young Manfred in his gift from when he was a young boy. Xylda was not only a grandmother to Manfred, she was his mentor. She helped teach him to hide his gifts. When she was in too much pain from her cancer, she decided to go out in her own way. Manfred had never grieved properly for her death because Xylda stayed with him as a spirit.


But all good things have to end and after Xylda reveals why it was important for Manfred to return to Midnight…she leaves for good. Manfred is devastated and for the first time has to face the fact that Xylda has gone to her eternal home. Will she return in later episodes? I don’t know, but I do connect with Manfred’s pain.

As a psychic/medium, I see the dead. My father and mother are both dead, but they still hang around my siblings and me. My parents help me with my spiritual work and they protect me when I’m doing ghost investigations. I am closer to them now in death than when they were alive. I am not the only person who sees them…so their spirits are really here on this side of the veil…but I know that one day they will leave for good. Yes, I understand Manfred’s pain.

There is a nasty demon heading to Midnight. This demon is stealing people’s vehicles and their identification by ripping off their faces and wearing them as his own. It’s pretty gory stuff.

Vampire Love

The evil that is coming to Midnight is causing our heroes to do nasty things, but thankfully Fiji has a potion that will keep them from harming each other. Lemuel’s love for Olivia was truly put to the test in this episode. He is, after all, a vampire that has given up blood; substituted it with emotions. Olivia likes walking in the sunshine, but when the madness makes Lemuel behave violently towards her…she begins to evaluate their relationship. You could feel the pain between these two lovers.

Midnight, Texas - Season 1

Kokonu, the face-stealing demon, is there for Fiji. It wants her and if he captures Fiji, then hell and all its occupants will enter the town.


What is Bobo’s secret power? We know he can fight, but what brought him to Midnight in the first place and what powers does he have up his sleeve when the time is needed…other than babysit Fiji?

Midnight, Texas - Season 1

Riders on the Storm E09

The wraiths are riding in on a sand storm and we get to learn about Fiji. We finally get a peek into Fiji’s past and it is a heartbreaker. When Fiji first arrives in Midnight, she is taken in by her aunt. Fiji is taught all the magic she needs to know by her aunt. They are witches, but Fiji was born with one hell of a chastity belt. After falling in love with Jeremy, she attempts to have sex with him. Fiji accidently toasted her boyfriend when they are about to go all the way. Is she cursed to be a virgin forever?

Is this why Fiji’s been kind of standoffish with Bobo? Isn’t there some magic that she can use to shed herself of perpetual virginity? Maybe that’s why Jeremy returns as a demon. He tells her that Corcoran needs a virginal sacrifice to open the veil.


Is Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) really giving poor Lemuel (Peter Mensah) his walking papers? She can’t trust him to keep his teeth to himself, plus she’s on the run from daddy dearest. I really hope Olivia changes her mind. At least Manfred and Creek are mending fences after Creek comes back to save Manfred.


This True Blood/ Grimm wannabe is full of possibilities and I do want it to succeed. They have a good cast, but the actors haven’t grown into their characters’ personas as of yet. That comes with time. I loved the cat’s revelation that it never liked Fiji and also the expression on her friends’ faces when they learn that cat can talk.


Manfred and Fiji combined the dark magic of witchery and gypsy to defeat the demons, but it bounced off Mr. Snuggly the cat and onto Manfred. Manfred dies, but while Manfred seeks the answers on the other side, Fiji decides to go with demon Jeremy.

Next Monday gives us the season finale of Midnight Texas. If this show is to succeed, I think actors have to loosen up and have fun with their roles. There is nothing wrong with adding humor to horror. We need to give the cat a bigger role. Do you agree?

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