Gilbert Speaks on “Fear the Walking Dead” S03 E09-10

12 Sep


It seemed like forever since Nick killed Jeremiah Otto, but this act was bound to open up a new can of worms. With the two hour premier of the mid-season return of “Fear the Walking Dead” we see just how hard it is to remain civilized when the water supply is running low. Is Madison strong enough to control both sides? Find out after the jump.


Madison wastes no time moving into Jeremiah’s home or riffling through his personal stuff. Alicia is caring for Jake as he recovers from the anthrax attack, while Nick and Troy try to control the infected. Although Madison worked out a peace treaty with Walker and his people, the people living on the Broke-Jaw Ranch aren’t feeling the love.


Jake is a good man. He has not acquired the racist attitudes of his deceased father or his sociopath brother…but we know from watching TWD that no good deed goes unpunished. Over Troy’s objections, Jake gives Walker a key to the arsenal. Troy as yet doesn’t know that Nick killed his father.

While Nick suggests that they mend the fences surrounding the ranch to keep out the stumbling dead, Lola is mobilizing a group to begin the distribution of water while Daniel and Efrain try to convince her to stay behind. Daniel stands guard as Lola distributes water to the people in the streets, but an infected herd causes chaos.


This lady won’t be happy until she is running the whole ranch. Madison is always undermining Jake’s leadership, but it doesn’t go unnoticed by Alicia. I’m siding with Alicia. Madison was originally playing Troy against Jake, and now, she is using Walker…but the very smart Alicia talks to Walker as he buries his father’s remains. She reminds him that Jake is the real boss of the ranch.


Madison finally pries open Otto’s desk and learns that the water situation is worse than they knew. The Broke-Jaw Ranch is already on the verge of war between the water rationing and the fact that the ranchers still blame Walker for the death of Gretchen and her family. Why didn’t Madison set them straight?


Nick and Troy are punished for their betrayal. Troy is banished from the farm and Nick is locked inside an outhouse without food or water. It seems that Troy knew all along that it was Nick who killed Jeremiah. Even after Troy kills Klah, Madison refuses to shoot him. She allows him to walk away. This means that we can count on Troy to cause more trouble for the ranch.


The Diviner

I always tell people that during any type of disaster, the most valuable commodity will be water…without it, you die. Madison reveals to Walker just how bad the water supply is when she shows him the nearly depleted reservoir. She wants to keep it a secret, while Walker suggests they buy water from a trading post in Mexicali.


Alicia, Jake, Ofelia and Crazy Dog are left in charge, but Madison only tells Alicia about the shortage. Madison and Alicia keep in touch via radio. Communication is another “Must Have” item during any disaster. Make sure you have a short wave radio to keep in touch for needed supplies.


I’m getting to like Crazy Dog more and more. This man is just as level headed as Alicia is when it comes to dealing with problems. After Crazy Dog releases Nick from the outhouse, Alicia foolishly tells him about the water.


Alycia Debnam Carey’s character has evolved over the three seasons to where she is much more of a leader than her brother, Nick. While Nick joins Coop and Blake in their plans to attack Walker’s people; Alicia tries to restore peace and help Jake become the leader he is meant to be. Alicia keeps her cool even when her suggestion to Ofelia and Crazy Dog that they prevent the double-dipping of water is met with denial.



Strand and Madison reconnect, but it interferes with a deal struck with Maria Lu and Walker for water. Strand owes a debt and he can’t leave until that debt is paid.


Madison shows her soft side when Strand comforts her over the death of Travis. Later, as a payment for his debt, Strand is chained outside the gate and he has to fight the infected. Madison uses the gold that was meant to buy water for the ranch to pay Strand’s debt. Walker is pissed until Strand tells him about the dam.


Alicia is my new hero. She sees a few members of the Nation searching for water with a divining rod. While Nick and the ranchers plan their attack, Alicia is helping the Nation dig for water.


This young lady prevented a war from happening. When the real apocalypse hits us…and it will…our survival will depend on all of us putting aside our prejudices. Alicia is proving that we can only survive if we work together. Let’s hope that Madison doesn’t ruin this temporary truce.

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