Gilbert Speaks On the Series Finale of “Orphan Black”

13 Aug

S and W

I don’t know what to say about this being the last time I’ll see the clone club together on “Orphan Black.” I do know that I hate saying goodbye to people who shine in a world gone mad. Tatiana Maslany did the impossible. This tiny girl was able to create, with the help of a great cast and crew, a family of unique and wacky sisters. Tatiana was absolutely magical at weaving into existence: Helena, Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Rachel, Krystal, and all the clones that walked into our lives over the last five years.

But, Tatiana was more than a master magician. How else can we explain her ability to make each character that she played seem so real? How many times did we need to remind ourselves that there was only one actress playing all the clones? The show ends as it begins. Sarah has to save the day because Helena is about to have her babies. Will the series end on a happy note? 

To Right the Wrongs of Many

We have a flashback as Sarah and Helena try to find a safe place for her to have her babies. The flashback is with Sarah and Mrs. S and the discussion is about Sarah’s baby; should she keep it or not. It seems that Sarah has come a long way since that conversation and her choice to keep little Kira…but has she? What will become of Sarah when she no longer needs to rescue everyone? For now, Sarah is in a battle to save her twin, Helena.

Art (Kevin Hanchard)

I am so happy that Art was in most of this episode. I know the story revolves around the Sestras, but Art has been there for Sarah since the beginning. While Sarah tries to find a safe spot for Helena to have the babies, Art is able to knock out Engers and cuff her to the railing. I don’t know about you, but I wanted him to do more than that. I wanted Engers dead. While Art searches the Dyad complex for Sarah, Westmorland and Coady argue. That’s not a good idea as Westmorland forgot that he’s an old coot and his heart rate is going bonkers. While the doctor treats Westmorland, Coady and her men go searching for Helena.


I love all the clones, but Helena has always been my favorite. The blonde assassin may come across as a cold-hearted killer, but Helena is really the most balanced of all the sestras. Her main objective is to keep her unborn children out of Westmorland’s hands and away from the torturous life that she’d endured. She tries desperately to keep those babies from coming, but like their mother; these babies want out! Even though Sarah left Helena with a knife while she searched for supplies to aid in the birth, I was stressing out. This was the most vulnerable our little Ninja has ever been.

Battle for Identity

My husband has no idea why I sequester myself to our computer room to watch my favorite shows. He has no idea why I scream out whenever one of the clones is in mortal danger. I’ve tried to get him interested in the show, especially since both of us love science fiction, but the show can’t compete with sports…at least for him it can’t. I did a lot of screaming last night. When Coady got the best of Art and threw that bag at him, my heart sank. Poor Art, played fabulously by Kevin Hanchard, was ordered to place Helena’s babies in a duffle bag as soon as she delivered them.


While Coady bullied Art and Helena, Westmorland proved to be a whiney little bitch. I wonder if he began the whole clone thing just not to get old. When his doctor warns him to take it easy because of his heart, Westmorland shoots him. When Sarah enters the operating room in search of supplies, she is given the chance to finally rid herself and the clone club of a true monster. Westmorland hides behind the plastic curtains and taunts Sarah. He calls her a lab rat, because to him, that’s all she and the others are. But, Sarah is finished with being a caged animal. She reminds Westmorland that she and the clone club are women who are stronger than any threat he can lob at them. Sarah shoots towards the location she thinks Westmorland is hiding, but that old bugger still tries to kill her. Sarah manages to free herself and then delivers one final message to Westmorland and to any man dumb enough to think that women are property.

“This is evolution,” Sarah shouts as she smashes his skull with an oxygen tank. Sarah makes it back to the boiler room in time to see that Helena has managed to stop Coady for good.


As Sarah and Art talk Helena through the delivery, we see via flashbacks how Mrs. S helped Sarah through her own delivery. That’s what mothers do. They stand by their ‘Chickens’ and give support. Helena, a twin to Sarah, brings forth two healthy sons and this weary world lets out a sigh of relief.


We needed these babies to be born, especially this week. Instead of celebrating humanity with all its quirks and failures, the world was bombarded with constant talks of war and hate. While two mad men ranted over the size of their bombs and dicks, an army of sick minds marched and gave Nazi salutes to each other. While the world watched in horror as these two events played out, two innocent boys were born on the floor of a dirty boiler room. Yes, I know. This is only a television series. But it is based on science and what is really happening in the world today. We were reminded that the human race has a long way to go before we can claim that we are truly civilized.


Three months have passed. Helena is living in the Hendrix’s garage, and she is a wonderful mother who is enjoying her baby boys. She finally gives them a real name after calling them orange and purple. The boys are now Arthur and Donnie. This is fitting, don’t you agree?

The sestras, except for Sarah, are enjoying the sisterhood and combined families. Sarah feels displaced because she has won all her battles, except one. Alison and Donnie (Kristian Bruun) enjoy some kinky loving and the fact that their children will get to know their cousins Donnie, Arthur, Kira and Charlotte. Felix (Jordan Gavaris) and Colin have a thing going on and Cosima and Delphine enjoy playing Auntie to the children although Cosima doesn’t know how to hold babies. Art and his daughter are considered part of this family as well as Scott and Felix’s sister. They’ve been through a lot together.


Only a twin could understand that Sarah is withdrawn because she is not mended. Sarah has no more battles to fight, except the battle to find her place in the world. While Alison, Cosima and Helena find out why Sarah wants to sell the house and why she didn’t take her GED test, Felix meets with Rachel. I feel sorry for Rachel. She has no money, no friends, and she has to rely on Uber to get around. Rachel is an outsider to the clone club because she’s hurt them too many times, but DNA is stronger than regrets. Rachel gives Felix an envelope that will help Cosima and Delphine find other Leda sisters.

Goodbye Sestras

No one is perfect. Alison and Helena admit to their own shortcomings as mothers and Sarah realizes that all mothers feel lost when dealing with their offspring. It was wonderful to see that Sarah decided to stay in the house that she and Felix grew up in. It was fun to see her smile as she, Kira and Felix went on a fishing trip. It was also great to know that Cosima and Delphine are traveling the world to save the other 274 Leda clones from the Leda curse, and it was good to meet Camilla.


Yes, I enjoyed the final dance scene after the series ended, but the memory that I’ll carry forever in my mind is Helena reading the book that she wrote to her sisters. Helena reminds us that we are all sisters via our DNA. The book is titled Orphan Black and the future is female.


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