Gilbert Speaks on “Midnight Texas” S01 E03

8 Aug

Midnight, Texas - Season 1

The good news on Midnight Texas is that Manfred has found some very cool new friends and they pick up for each other. The bad news is that pack of vampires are looking for Lemuel. Are the vampires there for a friendly reunion or a bloody nightcap?

Lemuel Unchained

Creek (Sarah Ramos) and Manfred (Francois Arnaud) have a thing going on, but she’s afraid to tell daddy? Is it just Manfred that dear ole dad will nix or is it all men. I haven’t read the books, so I’m going out on a limb here, but maybe, just maybe, daddy knows something about Creek that the other townsfolk don’t know. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


A big private bus pulls up as Creek walks home. It’s loaded with vampires. Now this is very strange because vampires normally avoid the town…but, these vamps are looking for a new home. When the leader tries to munch on Creek, Lemuel comes to the rescue. Surprise, surprise, it seems that Lemuel and Zachariah (Zahn McClarnon) are old friends. It was good seeing Zahn McClarnon in action again. I loved him in Season 2 of the Fargo series. If you need an actor who can do angry and dangerous, then McClarnon is it.

Zachariah was the vampire who turned Lemuel after Lemuel escaped from the slave owner. Zachariah and Lemuel later return to the plantation and do some Civil War justice on the slave owner and his friends. Although, Lemuel (Peter Mensah) and Zachariah were good friends, something came between them, but it isn’t until later that Manfred finds out that dear ole granny had a hand it the fallout.

Lemuel’s lover, Olivia, doesn’t trust Zachariah or his friends…and neither does Fiji who warns everyone that garlic and holy water only works in the movies, however, the sun, lead, and a sharp wooden stake to the heart still works. While Lemuel and Olivia hang out at together, Fiji and Bobo have their own little thing going. Will Fiji eventually tell Bobo about that demon that’s haunting her or that cabinet filled with jars of townsfolk hair samples?


The reverend is surprised to find Joe sitting in his church. I don’t know why? Joe is an angel. But, it seems that Joe is a fallen angel. Is it because Joe is gay? I doubt it, because Joe was created that way and GOD loves all his creation. Maybe it’s because Joe backed the wrong contender. Joe did say he’s been on this planet for a very long time. Hmmm does that mean that the town of Midnight will one day get a visit from Lucifer, himself? Joe tells the reverend that the veil protecting Midnight is fraying and that he is thinking of leaving town with Chuy.

Midnight ep 3


Rev promises to keep Joe’s confession a secret. But, Joe’s plan to skedaddle instead of helping his friends was very disappointing. Wait…maybe Joe is stuck on Earth because he was a deserter in the heavenly war between good and evil. Everyone in Midnight has a secret. The Rev is worried about his congregation and wants everyone to stay inside the church. Wait, what? We already know that the holy water doesn’t work.


What is it about Lemuel that has kept vampires from taking over the town of Midnight? It seems that Lemuel has a special power. Thanks to Xylda (Joanne Camp), Lemuel doesn’t need blood to survive. He lives off energy…thus making him dangerous to other vamps. We learn the story about Xylda from the ghostly granny herself as she tells Manfred about the night Zach offered her as a gift to Lemuel. I don’t know about you, but I love the Xylda character. This is one hell of a protective granny. She is making sure that Manfred stays safe. I always tell my grandchildren that I will protect them from the grave, but damn! I sure hope I have Xylda’s powers when I come back.


While the Rev keeps the normal townsfolk safe inside his church, Team Manfred gets to work on saving Lemuel who has been poisoned by lead tainted blood. Fiji’s house and Manfred’s house are safe from dead things, so Manfred gets Creek, her grumpy father, and younger brother to safety.

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 11_21_45 AM [www_imagesplitter_net]

I don’t buy this illusion that Creek’s father and the other townsfolk are that clueless about the town they live in. You can’t live in a town with a vampire and a weretiger and not suspect that there is a whole lot of freaky going on. I’m telling you that Creek’s father knows something about Creek and we’ll learn what it is before the season is over.

Luckily for Team Manfred, Fiji’s been watching Bill Nye the science guy or some other science channel, because Fiji and Bobo come up with their own vampire fighting weapon: crystal flashlights. Fiji thinks that science and magic are the same thing. Feel free to comment here.

The town is saved after Olivia gives Lemuel some of her blood and he is able to escape the rays of the new dawn. While Manfred tricks Zach with the promise that he too can have some of Xylda’s magic, Joe uses the crystal lamp to rid the town of bad vampires. The show ends with a female hitchhiker getting picked up and attacked, and Fiji’s cat making a few remarks.

Midnight, Texas - Season 1

Okay, so here are my thoughts of Midnight Texas. Midnight might not have the same sex appeal as True Blood, but I am having fun watching this series. My favorite character is Manfred and his kick-ass, although dead, granny Xylda. I want that cat to do more talking because I think he’s actually the brains of the show. I can’t wait to find out who that female hitchhiker is and what she has to do with episode 04. See you next week, my little werecreatures.


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