Gilbert Speaks on “Contracted”

7 Aug


When I do too much running around, my immune system crashes, and I need to spend an entire day doing nothing…except watching shows that I’d normally not have time or the inclination to watch. Flipping through the stations, I came upon a film called Contracted. I was curious about the title and decided to watch. Did it meet my expectations? Grab a condom and meet me after the jump.


Contracted is described as a body horror film and if you haven’t heard that definition before, I’ll be happy to explain. A body horror film deals with the destruction of a person’s physical body due to a disease, parasites, mutation or mutilation. When I did the research on this, I noticed that The Blob, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Human Centipede were listed as body horror films.

The first three films I’ve seen, and can understand the listing…but since I will never, ever watch The Human Centipede…I’ll just have to trust the reason it was included in this list. I consider films like Human Centipede to be so abusive to my psyche that I shelve it in a compartment that I reserve for everything “Trump” like Mr. Trump’s newest adventure: Trump TV. There are some things that are way too socially abhorrent for my soul to handle.

sammie 2

“Contracted” is a 2013 film that was directed and written by Eric England and stars Najarra Townsend as a young woman who begins to present with strange physical symptoms after she attends a party. I’m not sure if this film is trying to promote safe sex, or if it tries to lay the whole responsibility for coital delights on the female of the species. If you ask me, the film would make every Republican bible thumper drool with visions of controlling women and their right to sexual independence.

Samantha (Najarra Townsend) has just recently broken up with her girlfriend, Nikki. A mutual friend, Alice (Alice Macdonald), invites her to a wild party and proceeds to get Samantha drunk in an attempt to cheer her up. While at the party, where drugs are just as available as the alcohol, BJ Jaffe (Simon Barrett) offers the tipsy Samantha a drink which includes unbeknownst to her, a date drug. Later, Samantha is raped by BJ even though she repeatedly tells him that she is a lesbian.

The fact that Samantha was drugged, then raped is horrid enough, but this BJ is seen at the beginning of the film having sex with a female corpse that is wearing biohazard toe tag. I’m not sure what was in the test tube that BJ rinsed out, but it doesn’t bode well for Samantha.

The next day, Alice tells Samantha that the police are searching for BJ, but Samantha denies ever meeting the guy. Thinking she is suffering from a bad hangover, Samantha tries to reconnect with her girlfriend Nikki (Katie Stegeman). Spurned by her lover, and hounded by a male friend, Riley (Matt Mercer) who wishes to be more than just a friend, Samantha begins to fall apart. I mean this literally. Samantha’s mother is afraid that her daughter is on drugs again. Samantha’s co-workers are worried about her paleness, bloodshot eyes, and loss of hair. What no one knows is that Samantha is losing a great amount of blood, teeth and fingernails.


Samantha’s family doctor thinks that his patient has contracted a sexually transmitted disease. The Doctor (Ruben Pla) asks Samantha if she uses protection when having sex. Her insistence that she is a lesbian and hasn’t had sex with a man contradicts his findings. Why didn’t the doctor notice more after doing the pelvic exam…like the live maggots living inside Samantha’s vagina?


This film may have seemed like a bad ploy to remind the viewers to practice safe sex, but after Samantha kills Nikki and Alice, then infects Riley; we realize what the film is truly about. It is the beginning of a zombie apocalypse. England told his story using sex as the means to the end. I liked the film even if it was low budget film. Sometimes these are the most fun. I am definitely including this film in my Granny’s Insomnia Theatre collection. There is a sequel, “Contracted: Phase 2 but I haven’t seen that one yet, but I will.


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