Gilbert Speaks on “Orphan Black” S05 E09

6 Aug

funeral 09

I have been doing reviews on “Orphan Black” since it first premiered on BBC America. The clones have become like family to me. I know the show is all about Tatiana, and her excellent portrayal of multiple entities, but the different clones all feel real and separate to me. It’s crazy…right? On episode 09, Sarah and the gang must rescue Helena before she has her babies. Will the Clone Club succeed?

Fettered Slave

Gracie is dead. Mrs. S is dead. Helena is in danger. What does fettered mean? The dictionary says that it means to be restrained with chains or manacles around the ankles. The clones have been fettered slaves from the moment of their births. They are genetic property for the unscrupulous…but chains are made to be broken…and slaves are meant to fight for freedom. The clones fight for all of us.

Screen Shot 2017-08-01 at 4_30_08 AM [www_imagesplitter_net]

The funeral for Mrs. S is hard to watch. Maria Doyle Kennedy as Mrs. S was a wonderful mother figure to Sarah, Felix, and Kira. She died keeping her children safe, but Kira is having a hard time with her loss. We need to remember that it was Mrs. S who was the primary caretaker of the child. Children, who’ve been raised by a grandparent, take the death of that grandparent harder than sometimes the death of a biological parent. I felt so badly for Cosima and Alison as they are force to grieve from the sidelines. But…as the family grieves, Sister Irina (Eileen Sword) arrives with Helena’s journal and the grieving is frantically put on hold


Through flashbacks we witness the open abuse by the Mother Superior of the orphanage towards the young Helena. It’s not just the priests that will be serving eternity in hell for what they did to innocent minds. Mother Superior was a naughty girl, but she freaks out on poor Helena. Now we know why Helena’s hair looks like it does. Being placed in Tomas’s care was equivalent to the proverbial leaping from the frying pan and into the fire. Tomas brainwashed Helena into killing other clones. Helena is shocked to see that the clones look like her. Even though Tomas repeatedly tells Helena that she is the original…I think deep down, Helena knew differently. DNA is thicker than lies.


Now Helena is shackled again, but this time it’s her poor babies who are the prize. Mark is made to believe that his Gracie is still alive and that is why he watches from the sideline as Coady induces labor. I so wanted to smack Coady for making Helena feel that she would be a worthless mother to her babies. While Neolution circles the drain, Art and Felix seek Rachel’s help.

Hashem Al-Khatib

After visiting the police station and learning that his boss is not part of the Neolution conspiracy, Art and Felix go searching for one of the board members who haven’t committed suicide or have been eliminated by the Neolution hit squad. In the process, Art kills Mr. Frontenac but is able to convince Al-Khatib to arrange a way into the facility where Helena is being held. Westmorland wants to punish Rachel, but it won’t be Rachel who Al-Khatib brings to this showdown.


Any woman who purposely steals motherhood from another woman is evil to the core. That is Neolution’s and Westmorland’s ultimate goal…to steal the ability of procreation from all of humanity. Only the 1% would be left with the ability to give birth. Mass sterilization depends on the birth of Helena’s special babies.


Westmorland orders Coady to kill the sole Castor clone and, Coady willingly obeys after Westmorland reminds her that “The future is female.” Did Westmorland echo what is happening now in our country: Old, rich men trying to control women’s bodies by destroying Planned Parenthood? Science fiction, when done well, gives us an accurate glimpse of our future. We are all fettered slaves until all of us are treated equally.


It was the right decision for Sarah to go on the rescue mission. Kira’s warning that Helena was in active labor, helped Sarah to put aside her grief and to put on the wig and eyepatch. Rachel may be ruthless, but Sarah is the commando fighter of the group. Unfortunately for Sarah’s plan A, Westmorland discovers the hoax and is ready to kill Sarah.

Helena initiates plan B after using her IV line to snag the bedside tray that holds a pair of scissors. Crazy Helena, Assassin Helena, Nuttier-than-a-fruit-cake Helena….didn’t we all think this of Helena when she was first introduced? Yes, Helena did come across as the Clones version of Suicide Squads’ Harley Quinn character…but Helena is actually the most loving and compassionate of all the clones combined. And because of her motherly commitment, Helena refuses to allow Coady or Westmorland to make her babies a science project. Helena chooses death to save her babies.


I was frustrated when the show ended with Helena still a prisoner. My husband, who was watching a baseball game in another room, came running into my office when I began shouting over and over, “NO, no, no!”

I didn’t even try to explain my frustration to him. You have to be a loyal fan of the show to get it. Sarah is only saved from execution because Coady needs a blood transfusion to save Helena. Even in the midst of severe contractions, Helena is able to slam Coady’s head against the table. I foolishly thought that Sarah and Helena would escape. But best laid plans of mice and clones often go astray and, Helena’s water breaks. Let’s hope that Art and Scott are able to pull off some last-minute-Bat Man-style-rescue because Sarah will have her hands full delivering those babies.

I don’t want this series to end, I don’t want this series to end…I don’t want to say goodbye to the Clone Club.


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