Gilbert Speaks on “Midnight Texas S01 E02

2 Aug

Midnight, Texas - Season 1

Manfred has a demon occupying his house and needs help from his new neighbors, but Fiji is attacked when she does help. There’s a beast loose in the town & Manfred learns who killed Aubrey. So, the question is, am I loving Charlaine Harris’s “Midnight Texas” series on NBC? Find out after the jump.

Bad Moon Rising

Manfred (Francois Arnaud) gets some great advice from his dead granny. Make some friends. Romance is budding between Manfred and Creek, but as first dates go, this first date sucks big time. The show opens with Manfred and Creek (Sarah Ramos) running from something dangerous. Manfred had been clawed by an animal. Hiding in his camper doesn’t protect them as the mysterious creature is able to claw through the roof.

We have to flashback 24 hours earlier to learn what type of creature is chasing them and why. Manfred is unable to go back into his home because there is some freaky shit going on, and the most troubling is a demon. When Manfred finds the group, they are discussing Bobo’s arrest and Fiji’s crushing the sheriff’s cruiser. He tells them about the ghost problem and they offer to help in order for Manfred to find out from Aubrey who killed her.


Bobo, in the meantime, has been answering all the Sheriff Livingstone’s (Sean Bridgers) questions, but Deputy Gomez (Lora Martinez-Cunningham) wants to force Bobo (Dylan Bruce) into talking so she throws him in a cell with a gang belonging to the Sons of Lucifer. Surprise, surprise, Bobo is the only one left standing. I’m guessing that his secret super power has to do with some ancient Ninja ancestry. The deputy is pulled on the rug and relieved on duty by an angry Livingstone.

What surprised me was how Sheriff Livingstone also did the right thing after Manfred gave him the details on how Aubrey died. Manfred almost died after allowing the spirit of Aubrey to enter him in order to see what she saw at the final moments of death. She’d had gone for a walk and was trying to figure out a way to tell Bobo that she was still married to the leader of the biker gang. We see that she’s grabbed from behind after a truck pulls up on the road and that she’s shot with her own gun and left to drown in the river. The man who killed her is wearing a skull face mask.


I’m not sure if Fiji is a hoodoo priestess or a white witch, but this lady has powers, considering that she can crush a police cruiser. But, we soon see that Fiji (Parisa Fitz-Henley) is out of her comfort zone when she tries to cleanse Manfred’s haunted home.


Her attempt at exorcising the demon backfires and it’s up to Manfred to save her with one of his family heirlooms: the skull of a great-great-great relative. It seems that Manfred’s ancestors were demon fighters back in Eastern Europe. Fiji is saved, but we wonder why she’s collecting the hair of all the people who live in Midnight.

The Rev

Everyone has a secret identity in Midnight and the Reverend Sheehan’s gift is that of a shapeshifter. He is a weretiger and what a magnificent beast he is. Olivia (Arielle Kebbel) locks the Rev (Yul Vasquez) in his storm cellar but not before he tells her that something is different. He is frightened. Normally, the reverend would spend a few days in his basement munching on a few cattle that is brought there for his moon controlled hunger, but little miss snoopy pants, Deputy Gomez lets the cat out of the bag, so to speak, when she goes snooping for something against the residents of Midnight. This stupid act gets her killed and brings us to the beginning of the show where Manfred and Creek are fleeing for their lives.


Something evil this way comes, and that is why Reverend Sheehan can sniff it in the air and, that’s why Fiji can’t rid herself of that pesky demon. Are the Sons of Lucifer helping to bring about the apocalypse? Luckily for the townsfolk of Midnight, Lemuel the vampire (Peter Mensah) is able to subdue the hungry tiger and we get to watch a great transformation from beast to human…cool! Manfred won’t turn into a tiger because of his scratches…because, like Lady Gaga, the reverend was born that way. Snoopy but very dead deputy is buried.


But, our little weretiger might have been right about his premonitions because our friendly neighborhood angel, Joe Strong (Jason Lewis) tells his lover, Chuy that our world is in trouble after unveiling a painting showing the battle between good and evil. Joe might be right because Sheriff Livingstone was killed in a bombing thanks to the biker wearing the skull mask.

Midnight Texas isn’t by any stretch of the imagination, True Blood. But, guess what? I like the characters and the story line. If the writers are allowed to write outside of the box, we might get a show that is actually “Sponge Worthy.”


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