Gilbert Speaks on “Orphan Black” S05 E08

30 Jul


On last week’s episode of “Orphan Black” Rachel did the right thing and saved Kira. This week, the clones celebrate Felix’s art opening while Rachel makes plans to bring down Neolution. What is Mrs. S hiding?

Guillotines Decide

Mrs. S is worried about something, but what? What we learn in episode 8 is that Mrs. S was responsible for the rescue of Rachel, but I never, ever, expected S to enlist the help of that bastard clone-killing Ferdinand. But you do what you have to do to save the world and, as we all know, Ferdinand is truly in love with Rachel. It doesn’t help that Ferdinand love circles around greed and power. There is an old saying, “Keep your friends close, but your enemies, closer” and if Mrs. S is to be successful in protecting the clones, she needs to keep the Ice Queen and Ferdinand as close as possible.

Rachel 8

The good news is Felix, who’d been given a back seat this season, was front and center in this episode. Felix is so excited about his art opening, as we all are. I mean this kid has been painting in the nude for five seasons. It’s about time we viewed the finished work. I love how Felix has each clone walk in at the appropriate time so they can be introduced in front of their own portrait. Of course, most of the guests think that Sarah was the muse for all of Felix’s work. While S and Adele prepare the food for the big event, Sarah becomes suspicious of what S isn’t telling her. Adele actually snaps at Sarah, telling her to make Felix and his Art Show her priority. It’s about time someone picked up for Felix…maybe blood is thicker than a science experiment.


Mrs. S has her reasons for keeping mum and we learn what her goal is. Now that Rachel knows that Westmorland is a fake, she listens as S explains the true horrific plans of Neolution. The worldwide gathering of DNA samples in order to make the wealthiest 1% immortal while Coady’s Castor disease is used to sterilize all humanity. The scary thing is that real corporations have already made that first move to this not-so-far-into-the-future scenario. Rachel already knew this plan before, but now she’s ready to fight and the reason: she is still Neolution property.


Monsters are made and not created, or at least, that is my theory with Rachel. Ripped away from a loving family and raised by a corporation, Rachel became the Ice Queen who assisted in hounding down and killing off many of the clones. She was made into a sociopath by her keepers. Leekie held the carrot of personhood over Rachel, but the truth does set one free. Rachel wanted to go away with Ferdinand and live the simple life. She wanted to be loved, she wanted to be free, but Ferdinand desired power and wealth. Rachel made a decision that turned Ferdinand against her.


Did he love Rachel? I think Ferdinand did in some sick way, but it had to be by his rules. When Ferdinand brings the flash drive to the Neolution board meeting, he walks into Neolution Black Friday equal to the Wall Street crash of 1938. There have been suicides, the investors in this conspiracy fearing that the shit will soon hit the fan. Ferdinand wants to take control of the board and what’s left of Neolution, but when he goes to show the board the documents…the flash drive is empty. Rachel has betrayed him, or so this man thinks. In reality, Ferdinand had failed to heed Rachel’s true desire…a chance to be truly free.

Felix Part 2

As Felix sells his impressive art, Donnie bartends and Hell Wizard, wearing a shirt that says “The Future is Female” does his DJ thing. S hands the flash drive to Cosima and Delphine. Cosima is already in a good mood and looking rather healthy. Cosima and Scott are producing their own stock of Leda cure and after inoculating the seestras, they intend to save the rest of the Ledas around the globe. Together, Cosima and Delphine load the information into the computer to be shared around the globe, and when Cosima clicks send, there is a collective cheer heard from all of Orphan Black’s loyal fans. Our happiness doesn’t last long because S gets a call from Rachel.


Gracie was supposed to betray Helena. That is what Mark and her planned in order for him to get cured of the Castor curse, but something unplanned happened. Gracie became protective of Helena and her babies.


Helena, the most abused of all the seestras, did not hold grudges. She quickly welcomed Gracie as family. But Detective Engers, following Coady’s orders and, unaware that Cosima has leaked the documents kidnaps Helena, then coldly executes poor Gracie.


Two more episodes before we say goodbye to the seestras. More people will die before the credits for the season finale begin its final scroll on our TV sets. Felix made a speech at his art show about family, but more importantly, his speech was about mothers. Good mothers like Siobhan Sadler who took in two orphans and raised them as her own children. Siobhan had her secrets and her contacts, and there were many times over the five seasons that we didn’t know if we could really trust her.

Ferdinand, played fabulously wicked by James Frain, was angry as hell for being betrayed. He really wanted to kill Rachel. He didn’t. Was it because of love or was it the fact that Rachel was ready to die, that kept him from choking the life from her. We’ll never know because Ferdinand decided to take out his revenge on someone else. More people will likely die, as I’d said, before the season finale…but it was Siobhan aka Mrs. S, whose death, to me, felt like a death of a family member. I did not expect it and, I foolishly expected Sarah or Art to come busting in just in the nick of time.

Mrs. S was able to watch Ferdinand die from her bullet as she slowly died from his. She had enough strength to clutch to her heart a photo of Felix and Sarah. She got to say goodbye to her “chickens” before saying goodbye to us.


Farewell, dear Mrs. S (Maria Doyle Kennedy). The Clone Club will forever remember your warning against all corporate and government tyrants. “We will do what we can, each of us in our own way. And we do it for each other, chipping at the devil, until he’s done.”

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