Gilbert Speaks on Jeremiah Kipp’s Film, “SLAPFACE”

24 Jul


I’ve been following Jeremiah Kipp’s work for several years now, and I’ve found him to be an extremely talented and professional director. I’ve enjoyed doing reviews of his films as well as the interviews. His latest film, which has just been completed, is called SLAPFACE. Join me now to learn more about the film.

Gilbert: Hi Jeremiah. It is a pleasure to interview you again. I think this is the fourth interview I’ve done on you. The first interview was on your films: Minions; Painkiller; Berenice, and my readers can read that interview, here. The second interview was on your films: Black Wake; Theresa and Allison; Sound/Vision, and my readers can check out that interview, here. The third interview was on your film, Pickup, which can be found here. You are an extremely busy man, but I would love to learn more about your newest film.

Jeremiah Kipp: It’s a monster movie called SLAPFACE.  We shot an 8-minute proof of concept, and it is intended as a feature film.  I’ll be attending festivals with the 90-minute version tucked under my arm.


Gilbert: Can you tell us about the plot?

Jeremiah Kipp: A young boy is dealing with the loss of his mother, and in his anger he summons a monster.  It’s a relationship story between a child and a creature, and also between the son and his father.  It’s about love, which can be incredibly violent and frightening.  The way the characters show love is incredibly aggressive, so I hope it satisfies on more than one level of terror.

Gilbert: Who are the actors in SLAPFACE?

Jeremiah Kipp: It was a joy collaborating with three actors I’ve worked with previously.  Joshua Kaufman is a remarkable young man, the kind of actor who can easily drift in and out of an incredibly dark scene and not lose himself.  He’s got one of those brains that whizzes along in a crazy fast way, and he’s a chatterbox like Hamlet.  But when the camera rolls he becomes terribly focused.  It was great paring him up with Nick Gregory, an incredibly close friend and one of my favorite actors to collaborate with.


Nick has been described by the crew as being something like a wild animal when in character; he lives deeply within the truth of a scene.  They were a force to be reckoned with when I paired them up.  And looming on the outside was Lukas Hassel as the monster; he’s a great actor and trusted collaborator on many films now and tends to get involved very early in the writing process.  He’s seen various incarnations of this script in its feature and short form, and mentioned once he felt he understood the monster and wanted to play her.

(Yes, the monster is a she.)  Lukas endured the hours of makeup with grace, and didn’t just play the makeup, he played the role.  Lukas has often played human monsters in my films, and this felt right having him go all the way into being a deformed Other.  When you hire great actors like these three, your job is much easier.

Gilbert: When will it be released?

Jeremiah Kipp: We finished the film maybe two weeks ago and are starting our festival submissions process.

Gilbert: Where can we see the film?

Jeremiah Kipp: We’ve already heard from a few festivals that we’re in, but can’t announce quite yet. As Orson Welles said in that commercial, serve no wine before its time!

Gilbert: It’s been a pleasure chatting with you, Jeremiah, and I’m sure there will be more interviews down the road. Thank you so very much. Visit Jeremiah Kipp’s Website to learn more about this amazing director.

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