Gilbert Speaks on “Orphan Black” S05 E07

23 Jul


As Cosima returns to her family, Rachel, that pesky little thorn in the clone club’s side, learns a dark secret that makes her question her place within Neolution. On this week’s episode of “Orphan Black” Rachel has the rug pulled from under her.

Gag or Throttle

It sucks to realize that you’re still a specimen. While Mrs. S and Sarah learn about Westmorland’s plans for Kira’s eggs from Cosima, who is safely back with Team Scott, we flashback to Rachel’s childhood. I don’t think Rachel had the ideal childhood and the “tell” is how she picks at her fingers when stressed. What is it like to know that you are a science project without rights? Rachel, as a young child, was self-aware of her origin, but did she really grasp her situation? Had she realized that she’d never live with her parents again?

Through a series of flashbacks that include Aldous Leekie, Rachel remembers his telling her that although she has a genetic barcode that identifies her from the other clones she would never be considered Neolution property. Ha! He also had a bridge to sell her.


Rachel has always been a bitch, but something happened to change her. She bonded with Kira. Yet, she is ordered by Westmorland to rob Kira of all her eggs and to do multiple biopsies. Rachel is having a hard time with pacifying Kira who is demanding to go home. I wonder if Rachel did the same thing as a child. Did she ever ask to return to her own home? Did Rachel ever have friends? After Kira gives her a friendship bracelet, we learn that Rachel did have a friend in summer camp…but that was a very, very long time ago.

Mr. Frontinac tells Rachel that Cosima’s boat has been spotted, but neither Cosima nor Charlotte were on it. Frontinac thinks they’ve drowned, but Rachel tells Frontinac to keep searching.

Luckily for the seestras, Cosima and Charlotte are just fine, and are hiding with Scott. After Cosima tells Sarah that Dyad wants to begin experimentation on a new generation of women, Cosima and Scott get to work on learning Westmorland’s true identity. It’s easy. They just have to follow the money.

While Rachel waits for the hormone injections to take effect on Kira’s eggs, she visits the island and the graves of Susan and Ira. Rachel is stunned when Westmorland tells her that Coady needs to do a vaginal examination on her. After the exam, Rachel sees her patient file on the computer. That patient number, 779H41, is her genetic barcode. Leekie lied! Rachel is nothing more than Neolution property…a product to be purchased, just like that can of beans I purchased at my local supermarket. Damn!


Alison is back home, and she is all refreshed from her California trip. I love the new hairdo. Alison’s hair is stylishly short and dyed purple. She even has a tattoo.


She tells the very confused Donnie that she no longer needs to control everyone. Alison is no longer into arts and crafts, but she’s not ready to start her own rock band, either. She’ll need to practice a bit more.


There are only three more episodes left, and so far, we are getting one hell of a kick-ass sendoff. How does Westmorland know all of Rachel’s movements? Is Mr. Frontenac that good a spy? I think the façade of Westmorland’s acting the fatherly figure cracks as soon as Rachel realizes that her eye has a camera implant. I had always assumed that Rachel knew about the camera, but she didn’t. While Rachel digested this latest shock, Coady meets with Mark. He wants a cure and tells her that he knows where Helena is hiding. Coady tells Mark to masturbate into a specimen cup…and…Helena gets a visit.

Imagine Rachel’s epiphany: She’s been spied on, and lied to. Leekie told her that she had been granted her personhood from Dyad…but we know not to trust corporations or governments with our lives. We know how easily a leader can dehumanize other humans by building walls. Don’t we?


“What are you?” Leekie asked Rachel after she’d murdered a fellow clone, Miriam Johnson, to gather scientific data. What did Leekie expect from a woman who was raised by a corporation and lacked the simplest of human compassion? But it was Kira’s question, “Who hurt you?” that changed the game plan for Rachel.

It wasn’t that chat with Sarah about Westmorland’s true identity that made Rachel save Kira. It wasn’t the knowledge that many members on the Board of Directors have been personally helped by the Dyad and Leda research that made Rachel send a message to Art. Westmorland, and others like him, are the worst kind of despot. People like Westmorland place money over human life. Do you even doubt that a corporation would put an ungodly price on a cure that was gathered from our genetic code? Then, you may want to learn more about Henrietta Lacks and how a government can own 100% of your DNA.


I personally feel that Rachel saw herself in little Kira. She saw that Kira was loved and treasured, not as a commodity to be sold, but as a human being with a loving family. In the end, the Neolution Queen Bitch did the right thing. She gave Kira back to her family, then plucked out her eye to prevent Westmorland from spying on her. She also sent a message to the Board of Directors. And that, my little clone club, is how you do great science fiction.

See you next week. We may want to send Alison a few sheets of music for her new hobby


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