Gilbert Speaks On the New Horror Series, “Midnight Texas”

22 Jul


I am a big fan of Charlaine Harris and her True Blood Books except for the last two. I was also a big fan of HBO’s True Blood series until the last season…but hey! Charlaine Harris knows her vampires and other creatures of the night so when I heard that Midnight Texas would premier on NBC July 24th at 10 pm, I was excited. What is the show about? Grab your wooden stake and follow me.


Based on the books by Charlaine Harris, the story takes place in a remote Texas town where the residents are not what they seem. It sounds like my neighborhood. Midnight Texas is a quirky little town that is home: vampires; witches; psychics; and, an overly protective angel named Joe Strong (Jason Lewis). The cast includes Francois Arnaud, Dylan Bruce, Parisa Fitz-Henley, Arielle Kebbel, Jason, Lewis, Peter Mensah, Sarah Ramos and Yul Vazquez.


The story begins when Manfred (Francois Arnaud), a psychic, is advised by his dead grandmother, Xylda, to hide out in Midnight. There Manfred makes the acquaintance of several unique and powerful allies. Together they must fight off intrusions from biker gangs, curious cops and other supernatural creatures.


I love shows about supernatural creatures because they make more sense than what’s happening in real life and on the news.


I want to give Charlaine Harris one more chance even though I was disappointed in the way True Blood ended both in print and screen. This show has everything including a talking cat, so I think I’ll visit Midnight Texas and get a feel for the place. I might like it enough to move there.

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