Gilbert Speaks on “Orphan Black” S05 E06

16 Jul


I love shows with good science backstories. I might not understand it all, but I love when a story is created to mirror what is possible or already happening in the world. This is why I’ve been a diehard fan of “Orphan Black” and the clones, played superbly by Tatiana Maslany.

This season, I watch with a heavy heart and it’s because this is the last season of the series and I know that the time will arrive when I will be forced to say goodbye to the seestras forever. Episode 06 evolves around Krystal and a vital clue to Neolution’s endgame.

Manacled Slim Wrists

Serendipity: The occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. I’m not sure about the happy part, but just like a crooked president was brought to his knees by the discovery of a robbery taking place at the DNC Headquarters, our little airhead Krystal and her sidekick Brie discover a plot while doing their popular beauty vlog. Krystal is all about exposing the lies of “Big Cosmetics” and she has Bree set her hair in curlers to demonstrate the natural way to beauty…but something goes horribly wrong.


Not sure what caused Brie to lose her hair, Krystal seeks help from the Clone Club. Krystal is sure that her friend has been poisoned because of their expose on their corporate enemies. Although Art and Scott are willing to believe her, Sarah thinks Krystal is full of boloney. Sarah’s attitude pisses off Krystal, but Krystal’s mention of Blue Zone Cosmetics wipes the smirk from Sarah’s face.

Holy Cosmetics! All this time, we tolerated Krystal’s wild claims about Neolution being tied to the cosmetic industry as a joke to lighten up the darker theme to Orphan Black. But this little clone is more like the Legally Blonde character, Elle Woods,  played by Reese Witherspoon. Krystal is a smart cookie covered by a dipsy shell.


While Scott does tests on Brie (Cara Ricketts), Sarah tells Krystal to set up a meeting with Len, the CEO of Blue Zone Cosmetics. Sarah dons a blond wig, thinking that she will do the questioning, but what is really refreshing about the Krystal clone is that she refuses to take orders. Krystal is the most self-confident of all the clones and it is a refreshing breath of air. Before Sarah and Art can get to Krystal’s apartment, Krystal sets up the surveillance camera and earpiece in time for Len’s arrival.


Sarah has Kira fake a stomach virus and with a little help from an over-the-counter medication, Kira barfs all over Mr. Frontenac’s shoes. I don’t care how loyal Frontenac is to Rachel, he’s not about to deal with vomiting child. We learn that Delphine is on her way to Geneva to touch base with Felix and Adele as they follow the Neolution money. Scott tells everyone that Brie stole some cream from Blue Zone Cosmetics that may have caused her hair loss.


Our clone scientist is still locked in the basement and Mud refuses to release her. Cosima is desperate to tell her family that Rachel and Westmorland want to harvest Kira’s eggs. We do learn a bit about Mud’s past. She was a drug addict who may have been in an overdosed induced coma only to wake up inside Westmorland’s home. Mud finally changes her mind about helping Cosima and Ira after learning from Ira that Coady is drawing blood from healthy children to give to Westmorland via the dialysis machine.


Susan is so pissed off about Coady’s return to the colony that she makes plans to kill Westmorland, but first, she gives Ari some important dirt on Westmorland. The villagers are rioting because Aisha died and, Ira is glitching and may face the same fate as his Castor brothers.


The plan was for Susan, Ira, Cosima and Charlotte to escape the island together…but best laid plans of mice and clones never end well. At least Cosima was able to reveal Westmorland’s secret to the villagers…and what a secret it was!

Westmorland is not 170 years old. The secret dirt that Ira passed onto Cosima is a photo showing Susan and Westmorland together: they are both young; it was taken in the 1060’s. The villagers go bat-shit-crazy after realizing that there never was a fountain of youth and begin to burn down compound.


Unfortunately for Susan and Ira, they won’t be joining Cosima and Charlotte in the boat. Mud tipped off Coady. Now Susan is dead and Ira (Ari Millen) is dying from whatever kills Castor clones.

There are only four episodes left for this outstanding science-based-kick-ass series and I hope they keep Krystal involved because she is awesome…not as devilish as my favorite clone, Helena, but a great second runner. I don’t think Sarah could have handles Mr. Lenard Sipp (Tom Cullen) as well as Krystal did. She definitely used all her charms to get the truth that Len sold his business to Dyad and, Krystal’s revenge was classy. Krystal used the nasty cream that made Bree lose her hair, all over Len’s beard.


As Rachel arrives in person to take Kira for her scheduled visit, we are left to wonder if the clones are crafty enough to bring down the diabolical forces that want to manipulate the human genetic code for personal gain.

I’ll leave you with this question until next week: Are we already being altered through the processed food that we eat


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