Gilbert Speaks on “Fear the Walking Dead” S03 E07-08

11 Jul


Holy Indigenous People! On the mid-season two hour finale of “Fear the Walking Dead” Michael Greyeyes’s Walker became my new favorite character of the series after Madison decides to negotiate the peace treaty. We meet an old friend and Strand connects with Space. How cool was this? Meet me after the jump.

The Unveiling

Sometimes, the bible gives you a hint of what’s to come. Sometimes prophetic dreams do the same. In the sermon on the mount, Jesus tells us that the meek will inherit the earth. It’s true! I know this because my dead father visits me often to remind me that when civilization begins to circle the drain; it will be the indigenous (first people) who will survive.

FTWD’s mid-season finale brings the point home when Jake and Alicia visit Walker’s camp, Black Hat Café, to talk a truce. They arrive just in time for lunch. Walker has just killed a pig. Alicia is surprised to see Ofelia with Walker and in a flashback we learn how Ofelia joined Team Walker.


Ofelia was lost in the desert, but it was Jeremiah who found her first. The bible comparisons keep coming and I can’t help but think of the parable of the Good Samaritan when Jeremiah refuses to take Ofelia to his ranch. She’s not the right color. It is Walker who saves Ofelia from a desert death. It is in this episode that we realize how much Ofelia thinks like her dad. When Alicia mentions the Trimbols’ ambush, Walker seems surprised. This doesn’t go unnoticed by Alicia and her suspicions are confirmed after Ofelia tells Alicia that Walker’s men had not left their encampment the night the Trimbols were killed.

Walker wants his land back and he needs water for his people. He wants to keep Jake as a hostage while Alicia delivers the message, but Alicia takes Jake’s place. After Alicia tells Walker that he’s responsible for Travis’s death, Walker takes the time to teach Alicia about ancient prophesies, respecting ancestral grounds, and indigenous rights. Walker’s demands really hit home when we consider that his desire to reclaim his ancestral land is being played out today between Big Oil and the Sioux Nation at Standing Rock.


We’ve always wondered what made Madison tick. Well tonight we find out, but not before Madison tries to pit brother against brother, especially after learning that Jake and Alicia are missing. Nick wants to search for his sister, but Otto thinks he needs to train under Troy.


I guess Nick wanted to fit in more with the militia and we find him cutting his hair short. It looks good. Nick is no dummy. He joins Troy’s militia to keep an eye on the sociopath.


When Jake returns with Ofelia, Madison goes berserk. While Jake wants to keep the peace by bringing the much needed water back to Walker, but Jeremiah is too racist, selfish, and controlling a man to want peace at any price. Madison goes behind Jake and Jeremiah’s back and gets Troy to go with her to rescue Alicia.


This rebellion gets Madison her daughter back, but she almost gets Jake scalped. That scene when Walker cuts Jakes skin and prepares to scalp him frightened me more than any horror film I’ve ever watched. Scalping was performed by both Native Americans and Colonists: European and British. The scalps were used for bounty by both invaders of Indian lands. Thanks to Ofelia, Jake is spared and allowed to return to his family with a severe warning.

Ofelia returns to the ranch. She’s been beaten by Walker and left to die in the desert, or so she claims. Everything that happens in this episode can be laid at Madison’s feet…including Ofelia’s poisoning the ranch with Anthrax.

Children of Wrath

With the introduction of Anthrax into food or water supply of the Otto ranch, Ofelia was able to nearly decimate Walker’s enemy. People got sick…died…then turned and attacked their fellow companions. Nick gets sick, too, but not before telling Madison to catch the escaping Ofelia, which she does.


This second half of the mid-season finale focuses on Nick and his keen observation. We do need to remind ourselves that Nick was a zombie way before the apocalypse hit. He wasn’t dead, not literally, but because of drugs, he wasn’t truly alive either.



It’s not that I have no compassion for addicts, it’s because I do that I make this statement and…I speak from experience. There are people in my family who suffer from this disease, and I’ve learned over the years that the way addicts crave their next fix is no different than the way zombies crave living flesh with both doing anything and everything to satisfy that crave.

Nick is now clean, but he didn’t lose any of his street smarts and he becomes suspicious of what’s under the floorboards of his cabin after watching Jeremiah and the other ranchers bury their dead in a mass grave. His discovery leads to a confrontation with Jeremiah. While Madison, Alicia and Troy abduct Walker’s trailer that holds Indian artifacts, Nick questions Jeremiah about the skull.


Jeremiah had to die. He was way too nasty to live. He murdered people, Walker’s people in particular, then hid their bodies under the floorboards of his home. Was it easier for Jeremiah to kill Walker’s uncle and father because he considered them less than human? Like I said…Jeremiah had to die.


One can only imagine what life was like for both Jake and Troy as children. Madison is challenged by her children after Alicia learns that Madison lied about the Trimbols’ massacre. Madison finally tells her children why she never returned to her hometown. Madison has her own skeletons and she tells Nick and Alicia how she had to kill her drunken abusive father after he pummeled her mother too many times to count.

Jake, Nick, and Alicia want to make peace with Walker, but Jeremiah stands in the way. Although Madison had planned on shooting Jeremiah, it was Nick who finished the job.

As Madison delivers Jeremiah’s head to Walker, hence opening the way for more peace talks, we go to Strand’s boat for a toast to a forgotten hero. I saved this part for last because it was done so beautifully. Strand has finally made it back to his yacht. The Abigail has run aground and there is no way to make her sea worthy. After killing off the infected on the yacht, Strand finds his satellite phone and a bottle of champagne.


What would happen to the brave souls who live in space aboard the International Space Station if civilization, as we know it, was destroyed? How would they return? I don’t think the people up there could…not without the help of mission control. Strand is contacted by a lone Russian astronaut who tells Strand that the whole world is infected.

I can’t wait until this series returns on September 10th. It took three seasons for Fear the Walking Dead to find its mojo, but they finally did. I hope that Michael Greyeyes’s character becomes a permanent cast member on the series. I’m glad that Kim Dicken’s Madison has chinks in her armor. I love how Nick and Alicia are growing into their roles. I loved the mid-season finale, but the memory of that lone astronaut kept me awake all night. What are your thoughts on the writers adding the astronaut to this episode?


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