Gilbert Speaks on “Orphan Black” S05 E05

10 Jul


On this episode of “Orphan Black“, we learn what Westmorland really wants from Cosima and Kira. Cosima meets the first experiment and we’re invited to a dinner party…Tuxedo required. Meet me after the jump.

Ease for Idle Millionaires

Is it important for you to know more about your DNA? Can governments and corporations use this information against you? Poor Janis, aka the creature, began life as a human child, but he sure as hell didn’t remain human. Westmorland is looking for the fountain of youth, but unfortunately for the clones, this fountain resides in a gene called Lin28a.

This gene is a protein that encodes a RNA binding protein that regulates the self-renewal of stem cells. Stem cells, which can be obtained from embryonic stem cells or from adult stem cells, are basically capable of repairing and replenishing adult tissues. In other words, Lin28A is the real freaking fountain of youth…and if you’re rich enough or powerful enough…you can live forever. And that my little clone club brings us to episode 05 and Cosima’s dilemma.


It’s one thing to know the secret of immortality, but how do you use the science to make it happen. While Westmorland tells Rachel to play nice with Susan, Cosima is doing forensics on that tooth that she found in the woods. Cosima combines what she’s learned from the tooth and from a visit with little Aisha to deduce that the gene Lin28A is of great importance to the leader of Neolution. But just how far would Westmoreland go to stay alive? After another person from the community is killed by the creature, Mud is forced to lead the hunting party to find Janis. While Cosima questions Delphine on her loyalty, Kira agrees to help Sarah.


Okay, this is granny’s opinion, but I think Kira is a spoiled brat. She has this special connection to the clones and actually knows when they’re in danger, but she’d rather spend time with Auntie Rachel than with her own mother. This calls for a major “time out” without television if I were Sarah. While Mrs. S tries to find out more about the mysterious Westmorland from our favorite computer nerds, Sarah convinces Kira to help the clones by spying on Rachel. Sarah is only trying to protect her daughter from becoming a lab specimen, but what does Kira have that Rachel wants so badly?


What’s Delphine’s story? She reports to Rachel, Westmorland, and on this episode, Mrs. S, but who the hell is she really working for? In this episode, it almost seems as though Delphine is a double agent. Does she work for another country or group of scientists? I don’t doubt her love for Cosima as was evidenced between the flashback and present time. Delphine swears that she will keep Cosima safe and I believe her. But…and this is the real question is, can she?


Westmorland (Stephen McHattie) is a pompous ass who takes pleasure in pitting Rachel against Susan. Now even though Rachel is a bitch in her own right, would she be competing against Susan if it wasn’t for Westmorland? And, what’s with his insistence of living in the past. I’m a big fan of Steampunk, but I don’t live the Victorian life 24/7. This is a man who is working with present and future issues concerning genetics and yet, he wants his guests dressed in Victorian clothing.


Cosima kicked ass on this episode when she wormed her way into the dinner party, and then, came dressed in a Victorian tux. We did learn about Cosima’s family and they sound like wonderful people who love their daughter very much. I had to laugh when Ira (Ari Millen) told Rachel that he hid all the knives, but I’m worried that Ira is glitching.


I would have loved to learn more about the backstory of Janis, but before Cosima could offer any help to the creature, Westmorland shot him, then locked Cosima in the basement. The poor thing had returned to the dungeon where he had been tortured by Westmorland because it was the only safe place left. Now that Westmorland knows about the Lin28A and now that Rachel has Kira in her claws, Janis became a liability.


Everything leads back to Kira and Helena’s babies because the needed gene for immortality is locked inside the second generation, and that means that Kira and Helena’s unborn daughters are the next science project. Westmorland wants to harvest Kira’s eggs…and we fans worry that he will succeed.


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