Gilbert Speaks on “Fear the Walking Dead” S05 E06

3 Jul


On last week’s episode of “Fear the Walking Dead” Maddison and Troy came face to face with a new enemy. Qaletaqa Walker wants his land back and he has enough men to make this happen. Can Madison keep the community from bailing ship?

Red Dirt

We are seeing a new side to the matriarch of the Clark family and I’m not sure that I like it. While Alicia and Jake snuggle under the covers, and Jeremiah teaches Nick to shoot a gun; Team Troy hobbles back to the ranch. They’re in bad shape: dehydrated from the sun; feet bleeding from the sharp rocks; depressed over finding their burnt and scalped search team.

The man who was scalped was one of the founders of the prepper movement on the ranch, but all that remains of this exclusive boy’s club are Jeremiah and Vernon Trimbol. Vernon wants the community to hear the truth while Troy wants to speak privately to his dad. Mike Trimbol goes against his friend, Troy, and spills the beans about Walker’s threat. The community is in an uproar. They are afraid.


Jake tries to play down Walker’s threat. After all, Jake beat Walker in court many times when Walker’s tribe launched several lawsuits over the legitimacy & ownership over Otto land. Madison is a bit upset about Jeremiah’s notable racism against all non-whites, but Jeremiah doesn’t care. I did mention in last week’s review that I’m on Walker’s side when it comes to land, especially after the illegal takeover of the Sioux Nation’s land rights at Standing Rock this year…but with so many landowners now stumbling about as human eating machines, couldn’t Walker and his tribe just take over another ranch?

Madison sits in on the discussion of how to handle this new threat with Jeremiah, Troy and Jake. Troy wants to strike first, while Jake wants to play ambassador for the ranch and talk with Walker. Jeremiah thinks Walker is only bluffing. Madison is already hatching a plan.


I am so interested in Madison’s past life. What was her childhood like because Madison has a cold side to her that I do not like? As her children tend to her wounds, Madison learns that Luciana has left the ranch. This is when a mom would ask her son if he’s okay and how is he handling the loss…nothing! And, I also feel that Alicia has been demoted to second base again with her mom. When Madison learns that Alicia and Jake are having sex, her only advice is to use protection. Madison showed more interest in chatting with Gretchen.


If I knew my daughter was able to have a relationship, even if it was during a zombie apocalypse, I would be spending a lot more time supporting her. But Alicia is left to fend for herself while mommy dearest, sheds her sunshine on Troy. Hey! I’m an Italian grandmother and, I would have made sure my kids could shoot a gun as well as the best sniper way before I arrived at that ranch. Alicia and Nick find other surrogates to teach them: Jeremiah with Nick and Jake with Alicia.


When a series of small fires are started at the ranch, events fall into place and Madison begins to build up Troy.


Jeremiah’s younger son is a full-blown sociopath. Everyone knows this. Madison, for reasons that we can’t fathom, takes Troy under her wing. Troy is furious when Vernon and his family leave the ranch. Mike refused to look Troy in the eye and explain his decision. Everyone knows that Jake is the heir to the throne. Everyone at the ranch knows that there is something very wrong with Troy, but Madison only ignores Troy’s latest atrocities. What is she up to?


Isn’t it strange how Jeremiah and Madison pay more attention to everyone else’s kid while ignoring their own? Jeremiah feels more comfortable getting stinking drunk over Nick’s house. Thank goodness Nick had enough sense not to partake of the bottle. That’s all it takes for an addict.


When a lone horse returns to the ranch, Jeremiah, Madison, and Nick go looking for the Trimbol family. It’s an ugly sight. Whoever attacked the Trimbol family never bothered to put them permanently down. It was left to Nick and Madison to finish the job. Too bad the second horse didn’t get a chance to run. Instead he became brunch.

Jeremiah knows right off that it wasn’t Walker and his people who did this, but he doesn’t know how to handle Troy. Madison does. After returning to the ranch, she lies and tells the community that Walker and his people killed the Trimbols. Nick keeps silent and poor Alicia, afraid for Jakes life, tries to head off Jake before he reaches Walker.


I don’t know what Madison’s game is but she’s responsible if Troy turns against Jake. Knowing the Jake is heir to the throne, Madison stokes the fires by suggesting to bat-shit-crazy Troy that it’s up to him to protect the ranch

Madison is a survivor, but she’s no Carol…not yet…but I might have to change my opinion if she starts baking cookies. See you next week my little walker snacks.


2 Responses to “Gilbert Speaks on “Fear the Walking Dead” S05 E06”

  1. Opinionated Man July 9, 2017 at 6:15 pm #

    The show is great! I still need to catch up!

    • gilbertspeaks July 10, 2017 at 1:53 pm #

      I can’t wait until they meet up with Team Rick

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