Gilbert Speaks on The Keepers: Who Killed Sister Cathy

2 Jul


Absolute power corrupts absolutely, especially if that power hides behind a religious collar. The Roman Catholic Church never expected the victims of sexual abuse to come forth and tell their stories. But when these poor victims did, all hell broke loose. Who is Sister Cathy Cesnik and why should we do everything in our power to punish not only her killer, but the church that allowed the crime to go unpunished? This true story has many disturbing parts.

The Keepers

A very good friend of mine Facebook messaged me to ask if I’d heard of the Netflix documentary called The Keepers. I had not, but I’m so happy that my friend Michelle clued me into this docuseries. First and foremost this series is about Sister Cathy Cesnik a beautiful young woman who was born in Pittsburgh City in 1942.



This lovely and exuberant young lady became a nun who taught English and Drama at Archbishop Keough High School. Her students loved her. She was twenty-six years old when she was murdered in 1969. Her murder has never been solved…although everyone knew the killer. Sister Cathy Cesnik was killed because she discovered that something horrific was going on at the school. Her death was methodically covered up by the Catholic Church who never expected Cathy’s students to keep the case alive. We owe this revelation to one woman in particular, Jean Wehner aka Jane Doe, a young student who suffered severe sexual abuse at the hands of Father Maskell and his evil cronies.


The Keepers is a Netflix docuseries orchestrated by filmmaker Ryan White. It’s a chilling and upsetting true story of what can happen when people in power are not only able to break the laws of God and men, but they have enough power to intrude into any investigation that is launched against them by using specific diversions that place the blame of the abuse on the victims…These men, who claim to represent God, use a child’s inherent fear of disobeying a priest to commit their dastardly and harmful crimes. But, the real horror of this story is that the crime is covered up by the Bishops and Archdioceses. This cover up reaches all the way to Rome.


Back in the day, when I was a student at an elementary Catholic School in South Philly, there was a priest that all the kids knew had a liking for fondling boys. This priest was especially active during the summer camp season when it was the boys’ month to attend the camp.

My parents, who had heard the stories from the neighborhood children that shopped at our corner grocery store, gave us a direct order to disobey any priest who dared to touch us and, I know without a doubt that my father would have put the offending priest in the hospital.


Fifty years have passed and Cesnik’s murder is still a cold case, but the devoted students of Archbishop Keough won’t give up until they get justice for Sister Cathy. The church is still rocking from recent cover ups of other offending priests. They had to pay out a lot of money to their victims, but there are so many more victims out there. After you watch all seven episodes of The Keeper, watch the Oscar-winning film Spotlight on Netflix to learn more about the sexual abuse cover up within the Boston Catholic Church.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely, be it within organized religion or politics, and that is why we must support freedom of the press and the daring reporters who put their lives on the line to get to the truth.


It is very troubling to realize how easily it is for the church to bury the truth. It is even more troubling when a president yells “Fake News” whenever another upsetting story about Russia’s interference in our democracy is mentioned in the news.


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