Gilbert Speaks on “Orphan Black” S05 E04

2 Jul


Tonight’s episode of “Orphan Black” revolves around mothers, natural or otherwise. While Kira struggles with her identity, Cosima learns about a failed experiment.

Let the Children and Childbearers Toil

What we need to consider first and always is that PT Westmoreland (Stephen McHattie) was one of the original Eugenicists. He was a man who believed in a social order where the white man’s genes were considered optimum while non-whites were considered genetically inferior. This kind of racist and misogynist thinking was first formulated by Francis Galton in 1883. It’s one thing to tinker with DNA to eradicate diseases, but we know damn well that the study of genetics is more often used as a weapon, consider Hitler’s desire to create a master race by eliminating all who didn’t possess Aryan qualities. Westmoreland lived long enough to understand this way of thinking was repugnant, but still, he created the Leda and Castor clones.

mud and kids

Because of Kendall Malone’s genetic code, Westmoreland, Susan Duncan and Virginia Coady performed a horrific experiment on a child who possessed a special genome. They turned this child into the beast that roams the woods around Westmoreland’s encampment. When Charlotte and Aisha go searching for one of their pet pig, Daisy, they find a tooth. Something has taken a bite out of Daisy and, it’s close by. Mud comes to the rescue before any harm comes to the clones from Westmoreland’s failed science project.

This man-beast that Mud tells the girls is a wild bear, was the precursor of our beloved clones. This man as a child had been looked upon as a lab rat. What does this mean for Kira or Helena’s babies? Cosima follows Mud and sees where man-beast was kept prisoner. She later follows Mud into the woods and witnesses Mud interacting with the deformed clone. Will Cosima be able to get Westmoreland to talk?

Susan and PT

When Ira reunites with Susan, his mother/lover, he is jealous of her relationship to Westmoreland. Susan, who has somehow been brought back from the dead, has lost her position in the Neolution to Rachel and tries to win some of her leverage back over drinks with Westmoreland.

Mrs. S

Siobhan Sadler is the anti-Neolution heroine in this episode. Mrs. S is the only one thinking of the big picture. Mrs. S knows that you always follow the money. The clone club needs leverage against Rachel and S has an idea where to get it, but first she must pacify Sarah who is really having a hard time with Kira’s preference to spend more time with Rachel. S arranges for Felix to take Kira to and from school and, to keep the child busy while she and Sarah go looking for Dr. Elizabeth Perkins. S also arranges for Adele to return. S has a job for Felix and his sister: follow the Neolution money in Switzerland.


The scene at the bar was a true peek into the relationships of mothers and daughters. Dr. Perkins is on the outs with her daughter and when S and Sarah fake an argument in order for Sarah to steal Perkins identity information, Perkins takes the bait. Perkins tries to give some friendly advice to Mrs. S regarding Sarah’s confrontation: daughters realizing that we all become our mothers, if we like it or not.

Mrs. S, impersonating Dr. Perkins, meets with the mysterious patient Alex Ripley, a Neolution defector, and it turns out to be Coady. It is with the hope of escaping that Coady tells S and Sarah about the first human experiment, which we all know is the man-beast hiding in Westmoreland’s woods. Because the experiment was a failure, Team Neolution split up with Susan taking control of Leda and Coady taking over Castor. During a scuffle, Coady grabs hold of Sarah’s visitor badge. I see a prison breakout coming up.


I save my two favorite parts of the episode for last: Helena, because this is my favorite clone; Kira, because she is realizing just how special she is. I loved the chat between Helena and Sarah. Helena is always played as the Ninja assassin, but she really is the most loyal and loving of all the clones. Helena will make a wonderful mother to her babies and that’s why she understands Kira the best. Maybe it’s because Helena had already experienced what Kira is going through now. Can you imagine how hard it was for Helena to know that she was different than the other children? The nuns didn’t know that she was a clone, but because she was different, they were cruel to Helena. They beat her and kept her in a cage.


Helena is now hiding out in a convent with one of the nuns who protected her as a child. This nun had her tongue ripped out by the other nuns because she was kind to Helena. Helena tells Sarah that Kira is an old soul and that Sarah should tell her daughter everything. Kira, Sarah, and Helena are connected in a special way and Kira needs to know what she is.


Kira had me worried at the end of the last episode when she took out that pocket knife. I thought she was going to use it on that mouse. Luckily for the mouse, Kira cut herself. This kid knows that she’s different: she can sense things (premonitions); she can see things (remote viewing); she can heal after cutting herself with the knife. Kira wants answers…and if Sarah doesn’t want to lose Kira to Rachel…she better tell Kira everything.

See you next week my little clone club.


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